Many autos don’t possess permits


E-FRONT-__-Traffic-2-735x400IMPHAL, Aug 28: Many of the diesel autos operating on busy Nagamapal and Wahengbam Leikai roads do not possess the necessary permits issued by the Transport Department.
These diesel autos which do not possess permits do not have specific parking lots. As such, they are always on the move except during embarkment and disembarkment by passengers.
However, in their efforts to pick up maximum number of passengers, they usually move very slowly thereby severely disturbing vehicular traffic. The situation is quite similar along Wahengbam Leikai road too.
Diesel autos which operate on Tiddim Road and Mayai Lambi move at a snail’s pace at Wahengbam Leikai, near BT Flyover bridge and near Maharani bridge in order to pick up passengers. Such slow movement of diesel autos severely impedes vehicular traffic.
A large number of diesel autos which do not possess necessary documents can also be seen in front of GM Hall. These autos, after crossing the traffic island of Kangla Western Gate, go to BT Flyover where they reverse their directions and come back towards BT Road.
Many educated, unemployed youth have been earning their livelihood by working as diesel auto drivers.
But it demands thorough introspection how diesel autos have evolved into a major source of traffic congestion and all the noise and din at Khwairamband.
Transport Director H Rosita said that there might be around 3000 diesel autos which do not possess necessary permits and the number of diesel autos which possess necessary permits may be around 6000.
To avoid any further increase in the number of diesel autos, registration of new diesel autos would be prohibited, said the Transport Director.
Manipur Diesels is the dealer of diesel autos in Manipur and the dealer has been selling diesel autos in the State for over 10 years.
Motor Vehicle officials often carry out drives against diesel autos operating on busy Wahengbam Leikai road but these drives are not successful enough, Rosita confided.
Transport Department, being a small department with minimal budgetary allocations and little man- power, is unable to discharge its duties fully and effectively, she added.


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