Nagaland Peace Talk: Government of India’s offer should be accepted: Chief Minister


Nagaland-Peace-TalkOn the occasion of Tsungremmong Festival, Nagaland chief minister T.R.Zeliang paid rich tributes to the Aos for being pioneers in various fields among Nagas and its leaders for having great responsibility who should also guide Naga society as elder brother.
Speaking as chief guest at the celebration of Tsungremmong sponsored by the NEC at Imokongmeren Sports Complex Mokokchung Tuesday, the chief minister said as the festival was a pre-harvest sanctification of the individual and society to receive blessings of the Almighty, it was also time for Nagas to sanctify themselves in order to gain favour with the Lord for a political destination favourable and acceptable to all.
According to a communiqué from the CMO, while stressing on the Naga political problem, the chief minister said solution can only come from India and not from the US or Britain. Further, he said what India can provide to Nagas should be accepted because, what India cannot give Nagas today, cannot be possible even after a hundred years. Zeliang reiterated that Nagas should accept the realities of the changed times and circumstances and therefore, need to work out a solution that was acceptable to them as well as the government of India. He welcomed the Framework Agreement signed on August 3,2015 as a major development which should be appreciated by all. Zeliang asked Naga leaders to remain true to the people. He said former NGO leaders presently holding responsible positions not to change their tune just because today they were holding office.
The chief minister also asked people to seek clarification instead of wild speculations since an opportunity is being offered after 18 years of cease fire and negotiations.
He reminded that the Nagaland Legislative Assembly had passed four resolutions on integration of Naga contiguous areas under one administrative umbrella.
Further, Zeliang added that the plea of Naga people was that solution should be inclusive of all Nagas and not for a particular tribe or community only. Zeliang praised the NDA government under the leadership of Narendra Modi for the positive approach towards solution after 70 years of struggle. When all factions have stopped killing each other, the public leaders should also appreciate this and work together to pave way for early solution instead of criticism, he added.
On deplorable roads in Nagaland which have been widely blamed on the government as reported in the media, Zeliang explained that after the funding pattern was changed, Nagaland was left with very little fund for development and so maintenance of roads also suffered.
He informed that the state has 14,377 kms of roads excluding 237 kms of National Highway but that no funds were provided for maintenance. Zeliang said after he raised the issue on numerous occasions with the Centre, sanction for construction of roads, beginning with the Dimapur-Kohima four-lane highway includes the condition that the contractor(s) will be responsible for maintaining the roads for five years.
The chief minister also disclosed that, in addition to current three sub-divisions(NH) under Mokokchung ; the cabinet had also approved two more sub-divisions with offices in Mokokchung and Zunheboto.
He also praised the Ao Senden and Ongpangkong Mungdang for initiating construction of the road from Mokokchung to Dimapur via Doyang Hydro Project that will directly benefit Mokokchung as well as Zunheboto, Tuensang, Longleng, Wokha and even Mon.
Zeliang said the state government was actively pursuing with MoRTH for taking up the road during the current year itself.
Guest of honour, Alemtemshi Jamir IAS(Retd) former chief secretary in his speech, spoke on the traditional culture of hard work among Nagas. He also spoke on the significance of the day and called on Nagas to preserve their cultural heritage.
On the occasion, Tsungremmong message were delivered by Minister Nuklutoshi, Parliamentary Secretary, C. Apok Jamir and Director NEZCC, Lipokmar Tzüdir.
President Ao Senden, Imolemba Jamir delivered the welcome address, Significance of Tsungremmong festival was said by PEC member Ao Senden A.Bendang Pongen and Pastor MTBA, Rev. Ponen Longchar said the invocation while vote of thanks was proposed by vice president Ao Senden O. Shilu Jamir.
Cultural items were presented by Cultural troupes of Assam, Eastern Nagaland Peoples Union Mokokchung, Sumi union, Lotha union, Tenyimia union, Gorkha union Mokokchung and Aosungkum cultural club Mokokchung while Tug-of- war was presented by the Ungma village council. The Chief Minister was accompanied by a host of Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries, party leaders and high officials.

Source: NPN


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