Oil Tanker vandalised


Eight petroleum tankers coming from Guwahati towards Imphal were vandalized by throwing stones at the truck by unknown miscreants along the National Highway 1 near Senapati district headquarters at around 9 am today. The incident happened when around 100 oil tanker were on its way to Imphal with security escort.
Y Bhupenchandra Gosh, President of All Manipur Petroleum Tanker Driver Union said that Manipur is now in a state where there is no rule of law. Rule of law is not only for few fortunate people, drivers do have the right to enjoy this law. They are working day and night facing bad weather and sometimes they even face what could not even imagine in their life. Many divers have lost their life during their duty but till now government have fails to extend their support to the drivers, he added.
Y Bhupenchandra Gosh also said that the tanker drivers have decided to stay off the road until the state government fulfills their long awaited demands to provide well and proper security. Until their demands are met by the government, supply of petroleum product will be put on hold, he added.
Y Bhupenchandra Gosh further said that without any proper protection and security, the union will not serve their duty. The union demands the concern to fulfill needs at the earliest.


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