Shopkeepers aggravate traffic congestion


E-Front-__-Traffic-circus-6IMPHAL, Aug 29: Shopkeepers are one major factor for traffic congestion along Thangal Keithel Road, MG Avenue, Alu Gali and Dharamsala.
The road which is more congested than Thangal Keithel road is the one which connects MG Avenue with Alu Gali.
Along this road, heavy vehicles are seen parked in rows as many of the shops located along the road deal in construction materials. Loading and unloading of construction materials and other articles make the road highly congested.
With the foot-path fully occupied by the adjoining shops, there is literally no room for pedestrians to move.
Many of these shops deal in tin sheets, steel rods, water pump-sets, water pipes, water tanks and other heavy articles which require heavy vehicles for transportation.
Betel leave dealers have also been contributing to the traffic congestion. Every now and then, they are seen loading and unloading large baskets of betel leaves on/from rickshaws thereby impeding traffic flow.
Many shopkeepers have their godowns along MG Avenue, Alu Gali and Dharamsala. This is another factor for traffic congestion.
An order issued by the Transport Director on December 28 last year directed all shopkeepers to shift their godowns from Thangal Keithel Road, Paona Keithel Road, Alu Gali and Dharamsala within two months from the date the order was issued.
In addition to godowns, the same order directed shifting of all motor workshops located along Thangal Keithel Road, Paona Keithel Road and from Thangal Keithel to Keishampat within two months.
Copies of the same order were also delivered to the Governor, the Chief Minister, the Transport Minister, the Chief Secretary, the DGP and other top Government officials. But till today the order still remains as ineffective as the day it was issued.
The only positive effect of the order is that motor workshops located along Thangal Keithel road take vehicles inside their workshops when TCP personnel come on their daily rounds using loud speakers. But at other times, most of the motor workshops repair vehicles on the road.
But arrival of TCP personnel does not have any effect at Dharamsala area and Alu Gali.


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