Suggestions pour in to streamline vehicular movement headlines


IMPHAL, Aug 12: A day after The Sangai Express launched a campaign on traffic management system in Imphal city and surrounding areas, many people have come forward with different suggestions.
One Yengkhom Munindro of Chingmeirong said that the flow of traffic can be streamlined if signboards embossed with the words “Left side free” are put up at major traffic junctions.
Vehicles heading to different directions can be seen almost jostling at the traffic junction of Khongnang Ani Karak.
Signboards which say ‘Left side free’ can ease traffic flow if such signboards are put at all directions, Munindro said.
Sikhong Sekmai Municipal Council Ward No 1 Councillor Tollendro asked as to why a large number of passenger Magic vans are allowed to park right in front of the office of Imphal Municipal Council.
There were several instances when vehicles almost collided on account of turning directions by Magic vans.
Earlier Magic vans were given parking slots near the Kangla Western Gate and it was better, he remarked.
One Rupa Naorem of Nambol remarked that the passenger diesel auto-rickshaws plying on Tiddim Road are operating in a very haphazard manner.
People who should travel to Nambol from Khwairamband have no idea where to board a diesel auto.  These autos seem to be always on the move thereby creating confusion among passengers apart making the roads more congested.
It would be a big relief if these diesel auto-rickshaws are given parking space at a proper place.
It was quite convenient when JNURM buses were in operation. The ever multiplying number of diesel auto-rickshaws has become an irritating source of noise pollution at Imphal city, Rupa said.
He further suggested diversion of diesel autos to the periphery of Imphal city.
One senior citizen of Tera, Gambhir said that the entire length of the footpath running along the road from Tera Keithel to Oriental College has been occupied by shopkeepers.
Many people have also piled up construction materials like sand, earth, stones and steel thereby completely blocking the footpath. This has made the footpath totally inaccessible to senior citizens  who otherwise used to go for morning walk along the footpath.
It would be a great relief if the encroachers are evicted once and for all.
Although traffic islands have been built on the junction leading to Tera Loukrakpam Leikai and at the  junction leading to Takyel Industrial Estate, no Traffic Police personnel are deployed at these traffic islands. There have been several instances of road accidents at these junctions, Gambhir said.
One Shakhen of Koirengei decried that the Imphal-Dimapur highway was dug out near Old Airport, Koirengei for laying power cables but the dug out portion was not properly restored thereby causing serious inconveniences to the public.
It is not only lack of civic sense on the part of citizens which are creating traffic problems, Traffic Control Police too have their faults.
The traffic island located at Kangla Western Gate is too big, Shakhen said while expressing keen desire to make it smaller.


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