Tips from an Air Traffic Controller


E-Front-traffic-adviceAn Air Traffic Controller at the with the Airports Authority of India and posted at Imphal airport, Devlin Leishangthem  shares hiw views.. It is very interesting to read your recent campaign called Traffic Circus. I really appreciate the initiative taken up after the successful campaign of LPG cylinders. I would also like to share a few thoughts which may help resolve the traffic congestion at Imphal.
Some of the busiest crossings are Nitayapat Chuthek, Kangla Gate western, Keishampat junction, Khoyathong, Palace Gate, etc. The congestion at these places can be significantly reduced if the big circular cosmetic platform installed in the middle of the road (so called traffic island) are removed.
1. Reduce the number of vehicles that can be accommodated at a time on the crossing as the lanes are suddenly shrunk at the crossing from 4 lane to 2 lanes,
2. Greatly reduce the speed of vehicles to bumper speed thereby increasing the crossing occupancy time
3. All the vehicles have to travel an extra distance on the arc to catch their respective lane which also causes the increase in the crossing occupancy time.
I have a somewhat similar issue at the airport, less aircraft parking stand and only one runway and we apply the same formula and reduce the occupancy time to accommodate maximum numbers. I hope your campaign enlightens the VIP vehicles drivers, the khaki gunners and the Bolero contractors.


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