Toothless order adds to traffic chaos


front-1-Traffic-735x400IMPHAL, Aug 26: Even though the State Transport Department’s order which prohibits parking of vehicles  at six specific areas of Khwairamband is still in force officially, the same order is no longer enforced on ground.
As pointed out by many citizens in the course of the ongoing campaign undertaken by The Sangai Express on traffic congestion and its management in Imphal city, one major factor for over-crowding and traffic congestion at Thangal Keithel road, Paona Keithel road, Alu Galli, MG Avenue and Dharamsala is parking vehicles at these areas.
It is not only the road sides or their peripheries. Almost two/thirds of the roads are being used as parking lots.
Based on a Cabinet decision adopted on October 28 last year, the Transport Director issued an order on December 26 last year. The order declared Thangal Keithel Road, Paona Keithel      Road, Alu Galli, BT Road, MG Avenue and Dharamsala as ‘no parking zones’.
If one goes by the order, no vehicles should be parking at these six specific places between 7 am and 7 pm. The same order identified six other places which can be used as parking lots. They are the western road of Johnstone School, the State Museum road, the front section of MPP office, the vacant area to the West of Pologround, Nagamapal Road, Wahengbam Leikai road and the roof of Naga rivulet.
Copies of the order were  sent to the Governor, the Chief Minister, the Transport Minister who is also the chairman of TRPC, the Chief Secretary and the DGP.
Both TCP and Police are witness to how the Transport Department’s order is violated wantonly at the six specified places.
At the same time, TCP personnel have been using wheel clamps to pull up vehicles which are parked outside or beyond the designated parking lots.
Along Paona Keithel road, TCP and police personnel seem to be doing their duties quite enthusiastically. TCP and police personnel, calling and gesturing people who are driving at a slow speed to speed up is a common sight. But there has been no sign of enforcing the Transport Department’s prohibition order against parking vehicles along Paona Keithel road.
It appears there is utter lack of coordination between the Government and its own agencies like TCP and Police.
The Police Department is there primarily to check violation of Government orders. To ensure smooth public administration is another primary duty of police. As such, Police Department cannot shirk its responsibility with regard to implementation of the Transport Department’s order which was issued in accordance to a Cabinet decision.
If there is no possibility of implementing the order on ground, another order which overrules the previous order must be issued.


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