University of Culture, film and TV institute now grace State


E-Front-__-Inauguration-of-cultural-university-735x400IMPHAL, Aug 12: Manipur now has the infrastructure to preserve and promote its rich tradition, performing arts and culture, stated Governor V Shanmuganathan after inaugurating the much awaited Manipur University of Culture (MUC) this evening at the Maharaja Chandrakirti Auditorium, Palace Compound, Imphal.
Prior to the inauguration of MUC, the Governor along with Chief Minister Okram Ibobi, Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam and MUC Vice-Chancellor N Khagendra inaugurated the first ever State owned Manipur State Film and Television Institute (MSFTI) located at Manipur Film Development Corporation complex, Palace Compound.
At the inauguration function, Governor V Shanmuganathan who was the chief guest stated that the inauguration of MUC is an important achievement of the State Government. Such steps will enable people preserve and promote the rich tradition and culture of the State.
Manipuri people are endowed with enormous potential to excel in the field of art and culture. Inaugurating the much awaited MUC and the MSFTI will not only provide employment opportunities to many people, but also give chances to budding artistes to showcase their talents in the National and international arenas, the Governor added.
The Chief Minister who attended the function as the president stated that the State Govt has been working to set up a film institute of its own and a University of Culture since some time back as they are very much needed.
The Central Govt first decided to set up a film institute for the whole North East region in Manipur but later it was shifted to Arunachal Pradesh. Nonetheless, the State has both a University of Culture and MSFTI which will help in preserving and promoting the rich culture and traditions.
He remarked that it would not be wise for people to politicize sports, arts and culture.
MUC and MSFTI will be invaluable assets for the State not only for the present generation but for generations to come.
The State Govt will also frame a sports policy and also a cultural policy.
Commenting on MUC, the Chief Minister stated that Manipur is the second State after Odisha to have a University of Culture in the entire country. The University is not for one specific community but for all the entire ethnic communities settled both in the hills and valley of Manipur.
Further, he urged the people to extend their fullest support in making the newly inaugurated University of Culture and MSFTI internationally acclaimed institutes.
The MSFTI will be headed by former faculty of the well-known Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute Nilotpal Majumdar, he added. Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam stated that the inauguration of MUC is like a dream come true for the State which is very rich in arts, culture and traditions.
“We now have the facility to highlight our rich traditions at international level,” he added.
“MUC can bring the 35 different ethnic communities settled in Manipur together as one and bring integrity,” Gaikhangam said.
Films are also an integral part of the society and inaugurating the MSFTI will provide good chances to film makers to excel in their field.
MUC Vice-Chancellor N Khagendra highlighted the courses offered in the university. Dance, Music, Thang-Ta, Umang Lai Haraoba, Theatre, Visual Arts, Sankritan and Tribal Studies are the courses offered in the university, he said.
Though the university does not have a full fledged complex of its own as of now, various classes will be conducted in Govt Music College, Palace Compound; Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance College, DM College and Art College, Kabo Leikai, he added.


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