“VIPs, SFs violate traffic rules”


E-Front-__-Violating-one-way-normsIMPHAL, Aug 18: Decrying that many VIPs and security forces have been violating traffic rules at their own whims thereby severely disturbing the normal flow of traffic, some citizens have asserted that there is a need to teach traffic rules to VIPs and         security forces.
Responding to the campaign of The Sangai Express on traffic management at Imphal, one Sagolsem Indrakumar of Yumnam Khunou, Imphal East remarked that VIPs honking their vehicles incessantly in their efforts to overtake other vehicles is a common sight.
In some cases, when the vehicles travelling in front of them signal not to overtake, they just keep driving at their leisurely speed. Prison vans overtaking other vehicles when all vehicles are signalled to halt is another common sight.
As such, there is a need to  teach traffic rules to drivers of VVIPs, VIPs and security forces, Indrakumar said.
Talking on mobile phones while driving/riding vehicles and four wheelers slowing down in the middle of roads     are also quite common.
Again, when some people  use horns to overtake vehicles travelling in front of them, they are met with stern,   offensive looks.
Even if TCP personnel are doing their duties properly and pull up defaulters, the defaulters always manage to get away saying “I’m this and that”.
Given this VIP culture, TCP must be given additional powers, Indrakumar continued.
Auto-rickshaw (petrol) driver Md Soukat Ali of Keirao said that auto-rickshaws (petrol) are
now charged toll taxes forcibly at toll tax gates even though it has been only diesel autos which were charged toll taxes sometime back.


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