Win not only Delhi but also the people The litmus test ahead


It should be obvious to all. It is not only New Delhi or the Central Government which has to be contended with but also the people of the State. That is the fresh Bill in place of the Protection of Manipur People’s Bill should be acceptable not only to the Government of India but also to all the people of the State. Clearly the task ahead is not easy but then nothing comes easy and it is this which the State Government should take cognizance of and act accordingly. Already ten people have lost their lives, one in the valley while demanding that a Bill be enforced to check the large scale influx of non-local people into the State and nine in protest against the three Bills which were passed by the State Assembly on August 31 last year at Churachandpur. The bodies of the nine protesters are still lying in state at Churachandpur and given the charged situation here, no one seems to know when the last rites of the nine people will be conducted. This fact should not blow over the head of the Government while drafting the new Bill. As Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam announced before the media on August 1, the process of drafting the new Bill is nearing completion and it is heartening to note that experts from the Supreme Court of India have been consulted. This is a positive move, but important to keep in mind too that all sections of the people are taken into confidence before the new Bill is tabled for its passage in the Assembly.
The divide that the three Bills have spawned should be clear to all and this is what is disturbing. Let it be very clear that the Bills are for the native people of the land. Why is it that an issue which should have united the people driven them apart like this ? No easy answer here, but it is the lack of trust amongst the different communities here and this is something which everyone should accept. Listen to all, consult with different communities and try to chalk out something which is acceptable to all the people. This is how the issue should be handled. Time for all to look beyond their own community and see things from the perspective of the State and the land. After all the interest of the State should override other interests which are community centric. Also good for all to realise that the Government legislation should go along with a sincere attempt from the people to check the inflow of non-local people into the State. First the people should take it upon themselves to ensure that vacuums are not created for non-local people to rush in and fill up. An effective legislation plus the needed effort from the people can make an effective combination to check the inflow of non-local people into the State. A truism which should be acknowledged by everyone.


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