A movement to end the bandh culture in Manipur


Progressive Manipur leading “A Silent Peaceful March/Rally”, calling out for support from all to bring an end to the Bandh culture in Manipur.

24th September, 2016, Imphal: Progressive Manipur, for the first time is organizing a Rally/March on 2nd October, 2016, marking a peaceful but firm protest to STOP the ongoing barrage of curfews/bandhs in Manipur.

bandh-free-manipurIn making this announcement, Progressive Manipur, noting the increased adversities the public curfews/ bandhs have inflicted, causing Manipur to stop dead in its tracks, is prepared to expect the unexpected, while working towards achieving the goal. Before it reaches the point-of-no-return, showing a collective responsibility by everyone towards saving the land for a future stands as the need of the hour.

The residents of Manipur have been tacit all-along about the detriments caused by the bandhs/blockades/public curfews which could only be lamented for in absolute frustration. Therefore, it is vital for the general population to come together and work towards bringing normalcy back in Manipur, once again.

Continuation of the bandhs by different organizations/groups etc., as seen in all these years, have not helped achieve any results other than a rapid- rise in the downslide of the economy of Manipur, and the direction of the progress and development arrow permanently pointing south!

So, is there any meaning to public curfews/bandhs/economic blockades at all?

We would start at Thau Ground, Thangmeiband, Imphal on 2nd October, 2pm where there would be a congregation to initiate the proceedings towards the change that is desired. However, wherever our beloved Manipuris are the world over, we implore you all to come forward and participate in this effort to change/ save our troubled motherland in the best possible way(s) that you think is appropriate. Progressive Manipur urges everyone that hails from Manipur to kindly put your best foot forward for this cause as this concerns our children, our future, our paradise home, our pride and our legacy.

Progressive Manipur anticipates this movement to be the beginning of the end of the bandh culture that has plagued Manipur.

For further information, please contact:
Progressive Manipur
Thangmeiband (Opp. THAU Ground), Imphal
Email: progressivemanipur1@gmail.com


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