A New Regional Political Party “Meeyamgi Thougalloi Manipur” (MTM) Formed in Manipur to Support People’s Movement


As the Manipur Legislative Assembly election 2017 going to be held in the early 2017, a new Regional political party called MEEYAMGI THOUGALLOI MANIPUR (MTM) has been formed and launched formally today at the complex of Directorate of Information and Public Relations (DIPR).

Speaking to the media persons, Chungkham Joyraj, Convernor of the adhoc Committee of MTM said that national parties have failed to satisfy the aspirations of the people of Manipur and the prolonged degradation of political systems has brought the people of the state to alarming situations.

Chungkham Joyraj also said that MTM is not just a political party but it is a movement, a struggle for the people of the state against the corruption and economic deprivation of the mass.

MTM strive for social equality and economic prosperity of Manipur, he added.

Chungkham Joyraj further said that MTM believe and think that there is a need of a political trend in the present situation of the state which can act as a bargaining power to meet the rightful requirements of the people as endowed by the Constitution of India.

Mohen Naorem, member of MTM lamented that the vision that Lamyanba Hijam Irabot had during his time for a better society and welfare of the people, it is now the duty of today’s generation and youth to follow his path and make his dream comes true.

When there is a need to raise our voice and marched along with our brothers and sisters in issues regarding the future of our generations, they are always forbidden from joining the struggles and issues even though they could see with their very own eye, he added.

Disappointed Mohen Naorem asked, is this the benefit given to them for being a member of National Political Party? Regional parties are more nationalist than the National parties and they are needed in the conflict state like Manipur where National Parties are not interested in local issues, he added.

Mohen Naoren further said that MTM are looking for some political party which is by the people of Manipur, of the people of land for the people. MTM appealed to the youths of the State that Manipur need a reformation which must began with politics and today’s youths should come forward to take part in politics as this is vital for the reformation of our present society, he added.

On the other hand, Rajivkumar, member of the MTM said that inequality and discrimination is still so deep-rooted that lots of works are need to be done and an active participation by our today’s youth in politics is the option to wipe out the various issues of the society.

It can be mention that Convenor of the adhoc Committee, Chungkham Joyraj was a member of BJP Manipur Pradesh since 2013 and 3 days back he left the party and formed the new party named MEEYAMGI THOUGALLOI MANIPUR (MTM).

The main aim of MTM is to establish a long term political party for the people of the state for better society, for better future of the coming generations.

MTM will mainly focus on issues related with the people of the state and society like ST/SC, ILPS, etc.


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