AMSU bans Coke products


Following failure of the dealers of soft drinks to clarify the issue of tampering the manufacturing dates, AMSU has today declared that products manufactured by Coca Cola will be banned indefinitely with immediate effect.
Speaking to reporters at AMSU, Hqs located at DM College campus, AMSU secretary general Sanjit Sarangthem said that three dealers namely SK Enterprises, SB Enterprises and BS Enterprises were summoned to clarify the matter on or before September 15. Except for BS Enterprises, both SK Enterprises and SB Enterprises failed to turn up.
Therefore, it has been understood that these local dealers had been conspiring with non-local representatives of Coca Cola company to dupe the innocent public of Manipur, he said.
The State Government, which should have taken the matter seriously, is still silent on the issue, Sanjit Sarangthem added.
“Considering the health hazards these products can cause, AMSU will no longer allow any company affiliated to Coca Cola and agents to distribute or sell soft drinks manufactured by Coca Cola in Manipur till justified action is initiated under the Consumers Protection Act 1986 and Food Safety and Standards Act 2006,” he said.


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