Breaking News: Manipur Police Found Using Expired Tear Gas Shells with NO Concerns for Health Hazard


Sept 20: So far we have witness the use of tear gas shells and mob bomb to disperse agitators at various places of the state who came out in the streets protesting against the government for none fulfillment of their demands.

Unfortunately no one notice that most of the tear gas shells and mock bomb use against them has been expired and the release gases could turn toxic to human.
Likewise, in the recent standoff between the students and police, apparently State police used expired tear gas shells and mock bomb.

According to experts tear gas when expired turns toxic, and far more dangerous to humans and other organisms. It can cause severe pulmonary damage, and the chemical compound 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile which is the main constituent of tear gas shells, popularly known as the CS gas, have also been known to cause significant damage to the heart and liver, as have been reported in some cases.
dsc_0075As according to expert, tear gas turns toxic on expiry which had dangerous health effects. The tear gas can cause permanent blindness, chemical burns, miscarriages, fatal exacerbation of Asthmatics, seizures and even death if canister hit the person directly.
“It’s not clear how that might affect people differently from unexpired gas. The paper writes: “Some experts contend that expired tear gas may lead to more dangerous health effects than its non-expired counterpart — for people heavily exposed to it.”

It is shocking that Manipur a peaceful and democratic state would have to resort to using tear gas and mock bomb on its own students, and what’s more shocking is that the tear gas and mock bomb they used were expired.

dsc_0373Outdated pyrotechnic items which include tear gas, are considered hazardous waste as per “The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act” of 1976 and disposal of this items must be done in accordance with “Environmental Protection Agency” waste management regulations.

All commercial munitions which include tear gas, after expiry date are no longer guaranteed to function as designated. Using outdated munitions are prohibited under law and open a liability on the operator.
dsc_0376However the most shocking part is that some people are collecting these shells and selling it to some mysterious buyers, who are apparently being paid a very high price for the canisters.

Request had to send out to people not to sell the tear gas canisters to the mysterious buyers, as they were evidence against police atrocities.

Many in Manipur have started to ask, will the Manipur government bring to book the people responsible who used such highly toxic tea gas? or those who are responsible for managing the police department?


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