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Complaint against “misleading” picture

An active functionary of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), Swany Keisham has lodged an official complaint with the police against an active member of BJP for uploading “misleading” picture of her and the deputy chief Minister Gaikhangam.

The picture in which, Swany is portrayed as one Leima, aged about 28, a clerk in the secretariat, went viral in the social networking sites attracting huge attentions and comments.

The 41 year old mother of two lodged the complaint today with the Lamphel police station of Imphal West.

Swany Keisham, who was also former MPCC youth State Co-ordinator, while speaking to reporters at the press club claimed that one Anand Sharma of BJP uploaded the “misleading picture.”

She said that the picture was uploaded with the intention of “assassinating my character’ as well as the character of a public figure like the deputy Chief Minister of Manipur.

She questioned whether the frequently used words of the BJP to ‘respect woman’ is not applicable in this part of the region.

“Has BJP Manipur a different outlook towards woman of Manipur,” she further questioned.

Swany clarified that the picture uploaded actually was a group pictured taken in 2015 at the residence of fellow congress worker Achou of Wangoi in connection with his daughter’s wedding feast.

However, the BJP worker cleverly singled out only the two of us and uploaded the picture on social networking sites, she alleged.

“His very misleading act speaks for his intention,” Swany said.

She further asserted that while uploading the picture the perpetrator also posted captions that infringed on the marital status of the deputy Chief Minister.

“It is obvious that a public figure like the deputy Chief Minister will come under attack from rival party through various medium. However it is unfortunate that I am dragged into it”, rued Swarny.

She appealed all civil bodies, women groups and police to take punitive action against the perpetrator so as to prevent such act becoming a ‘disease’ in the society.



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