Why the curfew and closure of schools ? Points to ponder over


Points to ponder. Why did the State Government feel it necessary to impose curfew within the radius of one kilometre of the State Assembly ? On the surface, the answer should not be hard to find. Nothing should be left to chance to let the Assembly session pass without disturbances. This is fair enough, but the important question is why was there the apprehension that the Assembly session might be disturbed ? Here again the answer should not be very tough, for remember the BJP had made it clear that they intend to storm the Assembly when the session was on. Moreover remember that the Joint Committee on the Inner Line Permit System was and is breathing down hard on the neck of the Government to pass an ILP Bill or something similar in the adjourned session of the Assembly. Does not need rocket science technology to zero in on these answers, but why should the BJP feel it necessary to threaten that the Assembly will be stormed when the session was on ? Here too it is not such a hard question, for it had to do with the decision of the State Government to cancel the DPC held in 2013 to recruit police Constables. There may have been loopholes and errors in the recruitment process taken up in 2013, but why wait for three years to crack the whip ? Moreover, at the risk of repeating a point, who have been penalised for the irregularities detected in the recruitment process ? Why should the candidates be victimised for the shortcoming of those responsible for conducting the DPC ?
Nothing seems to be right. And moreover what was the rational of declaring a holiday for all educational institutions on the day the curfew was clamped ? Was it a case of the Government apprehensive of the probability that school kids may be mobilised to stage protest against the decision of the State Government or take to the streets to demand that a Bill be passed during the Assembly session ? Either way it does not speak well at all of the place and the people. If the past is any indication, then the State Government may be excused for students have indeed been mobilised on issues which should strictly be adult affairs. However the State Government too should not lose sight of the fact that it is mainly due to their ineptness and unwillingness to listen to the voice of the people, which is chiefly responsible for students taking to the streets. Another day lost for students and while a day may not seem that long to the Government, the loss can be substantial given that this is the age of competition. This is all that more so as the academic pursuit of the young students has been disturbed with such regularity that numerous parents have deemed it better to send their young children outside the State to study. Those in positions of power may not feel the financial pinch but not all are as financially well off as those running the affairs of the Government and one certainly does not expect the Government to throw a spanner to the academic pursuit of the young students.


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