Don’t die to be dead, die to live more


Don’t die to be dead, die to live more – Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam

You feel that your life is surrounded with problems, problems are just questions. Your fear of answering the questions has created all the problems. You must have seen people on a merry-go-round, some shout when they go down and for some when they go up. There are few who shout with enjoyment when they go up as well as down. Be the person who still smiles even when tears pull your cheeks down. When life turns hard, don’t look at the shadow, turn 180 degree because the light is coming that way; be happy if the shadow is really dark as the light source is just behind you.
This society is happier in talking bad things about others than good things. If any talk bad things about you, go up to them and say, “THANK YOU,” because they are the one who will make you really famous amazingly fast. How many dreams did you have when you were 4 years old? How much is still with you now? You grew up hearing, “YOU CAN’T DO IT.” When you can’t sleep late at night because the following day is the day you never want it to come, just wake up, and put the lights on, stand in front of your mirror and say this with a smile, “Hey You! Tomorrow is the last day of your worries. I need to see you excited about this.”
You saw a professional singer and want to be a singer just because you want to earn and be famous like that person. You will end up becoming a mimicry artist. You got your own weapon to use and become famous, why somebody’s success is killing you originality?
Don’t stop hunting for the thing which you should fall in love with. When somebody says, “You can’t do this,” just know that he is the one who can’t do that, he is scared that you might do it. Sometimes it’s okay to walk in wrong path; you will gain more stories to share.
Life acts like a catapult, the more you are pulled back, the more you go high. When things are really hard for you in your life, success is just few steps away waiting for you. When a sniper shoots his target, he only focuses on his target; he never looks to the path that the bullet will travel. You should only focus to your goal and never to the hurdles, it will keep motivating you.
Never listen to those voices from behind. Don’t get angry when people are jealous of you, because they are the ones who think you are better than them.
Every time you try to take a separate route, people will confuse you. Just tell them, “I want to be a great creator not a great follower.” Every time you slow down, close your eyes and feel the victory. When you want to be a doctor, and when you get really tired during the course, just close your eyes and feel, “How will I look in white apron with stethoscope around me standing in front of my mirror with a smile?”
Don’t go so much with looks; focus on the inside of you. Some ladies put make up and roam with shorts thinking they are so beautiful when many boys run after them. Remember, “Cheap items have many buyers.”
Behind every hurdle there is a hidden treasure. This society scares you by defining that, “Life is full of hurdles,” but you also redefined it as, “Life is a full of hidden treasures.” The problem that you find it hard to go over today will be a comedy for tomorrow, trust me. Remember how your friend cried when he fails in the final examination, narrate him how he cried, and observe how he will laugh after hearing that. Remember hard times are really temporary.
Don’t stop saying you are handsome, don’t wait for someone to say that. When people hate you it does not mean that you are wrong it’s just that you are thinking differently from them. Even if the sun is so powerful, if you close your eyes then you can enjoy his absence because your eye lids are stronger than the sun. Let the world say anything about you, when you still have your eye lids, don’t worry. Close for the world and open for your heart. Now they may say, “Are you wasting your time doing stupid things?” One day the media will be around you, and ask you, “Sir/Madam you manage you time so well in achieving you goal. What is the main thing behind this success?” Tell them, “I never listen to the voices that you all produced.”
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