Erabot quits Congress, Assembly, joins BJP


e-front-__-erabot-joins-bjpIMPHAL, Sep 12: Apart from resigning from the primary membership of the Indian National Congress (INC), Wangkhei AC MLA Y Erabot has resigned from the post of being a Member of the Manipur Legislative Assembly. Erabot submitted a letter at the office of MPCC at 11.20 am today indicating his decision to resign from the primary membership of INC. Another letter addressed to the State Assembly Speaker was submitted conveying his decision to resign from the post of being an MLA. Notably Erabot was elected to the Manipur Legislative Assembly six times and he was a seasoned politician of the Congress party. Meanwhile, BJP has declared Y Erabot as an active member of the party.

Welcoming the entry of Erabot into the fold of BJP, a felicitation function was held at the office of BJP Manipur Pradesh at Nityaipat Chuthek this afternoon. Speaking at the gathering, BJP Manipur Pradesh president K Bhabananda declared Y Erabot as an active member of BJP.
He hailed Erabot as a popular politician known for his integrity, courage and sincerity. He quit Congress party and joined BJP as he could not tolerate the dynastic administrative set up of Congress party and its wanton indulgement in corrupt practices, said Bhabananda. The Congress Government which shares no empathy with the plight of the poor masses and cannot formulate any good policy for the student community is on the verge of total collapse, Bhabananda said.

People no longer feel the presence of any elected Government as the incumbent Government is more concerned about contract works rather than looking after welfare of the masses, he asserted. BJP legislature wing leader Kh Joykishan remarked that seasoned politician Y Erabot’s entry into BJP would further strengthen the party. There are striking similarities between BJP’s objectives and Erabot’s ideology. BJP is committed to establish a transparent Government, free from any form of corruption and nepotism, Joykishan said. BJP State Election Management Committee convenor Th Chaoba remarked that Erabot joined BJP in the interest of the people of Wangkhei AC.

Comparing Erabot to the main supporting pillar of a house, Chaoba said that if such a pillar is removed, the house is bound to collapse. Erabot said that he quit Congress party and joined BJP in accordance with the collective wish of the people of Wangkhei AC. He said that he joined BJP as he could no longer tolerate the rampant corruption prevalent within Congress party and the party’s dynastic administrative set-up. BJP Manipur Pradesh spokesman N Mangi said that Congress has started shaking after Erabot left the party and it would collapse soon. He went on to claim that there would definitely be a BJP Government in the State after the next Assembly election.


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