Ibobi mulls bill before model code


Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi Singh said his government wished to pass ILP or an equivalent bill for protection of indigenous people of the state before coming of election model code of conduct.

The Chief Minister was addressing a one-day political conference organised by Lamsang block Congress committee at Naoremthong Khullem Leikai Shamushang of Lamsang Assembly constituency in Imphal west today.

He said that the state government is working cautiously so that the President does not withhold the bill again.

“A fresh draft bill has already been uploaded in the government website. But it’s not the final bill. It can be amended if any section of the communities or groups find unacceptable,” Ibobi Singh said.

The communities or groups who stand against this bill need to come forward and express likes and dislikes on the bills which was uploaded, instead of agitating against it.

Ibobi assured that Manipur’s integrity will be protected at any cost.

The BJP lead NDA government at the centre had tried to disintigrate Manipur, resulting in an uproar that left 18 people dead.

Now the BJP lead government for the second time tried to disturb the state’s integrity, peace and harmony by signing a “hidden” accord with NSCN (IM).

“The Central didn’t disclose details of the accord even though several appealed were made. Barring Manipur’s none of the chief ministers of North Eastern states didn’t have any idea of the accord,” the Chief Minister said.

He charged there is a conspiracy behind the signing of the accord.

s close relations with the people of Manipur.

The developmental works taken up by Congress is not to take political advantage but for the welfare of the people.

Gaikhangam stated that a white paper since 2002 to 2012 of all developmental works taken up by Congress party will be produced the before election.

He allged that the BJP made baseless aallegations against the Congress. “The BJP is following the principle of 100 lies make a truth,’ he said.

MLA of Lamsang AC, W Brajabidhu Singh said though Lamsang constituency is geographically difficult development is coming in the constituency.

During the conference president of MPCC, TN Haokip, MLA of Uripok AC, L Nandakumar Singh, president of Imphal West-1 DCC, Ch Nimai Singh and president of Lamsang Block Congress Committee, Herojit Ngangomba also attended.

A white paper on developmental works taken up in Lamsang AC was released.


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