Know that bandh for ‘save Manipur’ is ‘killing Manipuris’


Tears reach unstoppable, hope reaches prison, vision reaches the periphery; she tells her children many goodnight tales to make them forget the hunger by letting them sleep early.
She then goes to kitchen to drink a full glass of water as a reply to her growling stomach. She just wishes something with tears before she calls for the day with those tired hand pressing her stomach, ‘Please God, don’t let bandh be there tomorrow.’ She then touch her children’s stomach, she breaks down with tears on feeling the hunger.
A cling sound broke her forced sleep, it came from kitchen, and then she saw her first son drinking water to kill his tiny hunger. She was walled with broken hopes. She again lays down facing the pillow letting the pillow absorb her tears.
The dawn came; she was ready for the day. When she came to see the vegetables that were supposed to be sold the other day, withered leaves, rotten smells welcomed her. Her weapon to destroy the hunger got destroyed when the sun shines bright with no clouds. She has no one to share her pain but to her husband who is no more with her, she pours her emotion below the photo. That moment, her son cried, “Mama, I am very hungry?”
Can you people calling bandh give the answer to her son? Where are those who are passionate about burning tyres? Where are those who wrote, “Save Manipur” on their placards? Please know that Manipur is there because of Manipuri, what is the point you are trying to make by save Manipur while you are killing Manipuris?
The situation of Manipur is that, “MANIPURIS protesting against MANIPURIS for saving MANIPURIS by beating MANIPURIS, interrupted by MANIPURI commandos with the order from MANIPURI leaders.” Pakistanis hate Indians, Americans hate Middle East, South Koreans hate North Koreans, and we? We hate each other.
Having got the best medium to show their power, quietness becomes an impossible term for them. If you want to show the power of your organization, call, “BANDH” & “BLOCKADE.” It’s very funny to see people getting angry with the government officials and calling for economic blockade. Those officials which you want to give the stress have food stocks for the whole year; you are troubling your own people. It’s like you got angry with your parents and you start tearing off you pants.
And to the tip of my surprise, there are also people who are waiting for blockades, for increasing the cost in market. Our society is truly a mixed and a colourful society. “Houjik bandh ney khangdro, Keigi thok lak e no, leibak ki khandro noi, chei chagey ro,” most must have faced which anger ends you up with, “Eikhoisu bandh yaoba lak e ni keinoney.” It’s really the hardest thing to understand now for why they think protesting so violently will create the solution to all the hungers.
Hunting by a hunter in a jungle of no prey is just same as master chef in a desert. Due to the increase in the numbers of self-exclaimed leaders, our society is just driving without steering. Being personalized is also an epic enclosed term for being a human, even I do write a lot but runs when there is a bomb blast to save myself first.
Therefore, when someone comes out and can do differently, let’s support him and stop that crab culture. You keep scolding the politicians but you are the ones who sold your vote to the one who gave you more money. When the government doesn’t put a road in the best shape, you destroy it and your car got stuck in the hole. This is what is happening. Have some responsibility in the ways of what’s happening now. No one can answer to her son, because we are the ones killing her family. If you can’t give the answer, then go and tell ‘sorry’ to all those whom you keep hurting while you enjoy burning tyres. (The writer can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal)


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