Kukis observe ‘black day’, seek justice for ‘genocide’


kukis-observe-black-day-seek-justice-for-genocideIMPHAL: Kukis from across the state staged rallies on Tuesday denouncing what they describe as an act of genocide perpetrated on them by National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isak-Muivah) militants in the 1990s.
Between 1992 and 1997, NSCN (IM) had launched attacks across Manipur, killing 905 Kukis and burning down 360 Kuki villages. One lakh villagers became refugees on their own land.
Forming the third largest community in Manipur, Kukis observe September 13 as a ‘black day’ every year.
Observing Sahnit Ni or ‘black day’ to mourn the victims, the Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM) submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, demanding that these criminal acts be brought to and resolved in a court of law before the Centre and NSCN (IM) reach an agreement in the ongoing peace talks. KIM is the apex body of Kuki civil bodies in Manipur.
“The demand for justice has not been met despite the fact that the government is morallu obliged to resolve it,” the memorandum, signed by KIM president Thangkhosei Haokip and general secretary Khamliankhup Lianzaw, said. It added that the Kuki Inpi will be “forced to decide the collective political fate of the people” if the Centre fails to address this.
The ‘black day’ was observed across Manipur in all Kuki-dominated areas under the aegis of KIM and the Kuki Students’ Organisation (KSO).
Six successive prime minister have shown complete disregard for the Kukis’ cry for justice, KIM alleged.
“If the government is trying to protect the NSCN (IM) by feigning ignorance of its acts of genocide, there is every reason for us to believe that the government was instrumental in the grand design of the Kuki genocide,” the memorandum said.
“As such, the Prime Minister is fervently requested to consider the demand for justice by the Kuki people because what is a peace agreement for the government could only indicate the beginning of another tumultuous period in the region,” the memo said.

News Source: Times of India


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