The Kukis’ perspective on Black Day, the 13th September


Is 13 Sept, SAHNIT NI or Kuki Black day, black only for the Kukis and not for his two other brethren communities in Manipur?
It is to the Kukis the Holocaust that took place in Manipur! And  that it should concern us all as humanity, it is a blot to the land – our blood stained paradise and our collective consciousness.
This day should not have happened to any group of people or to any tribe, conflicts have limited casualties on both sides and we know and feel the pain. But conspiratory mass murders, progrom and genocides as claimed by our Kuki leaders must never be allowed to take place again for all our sakes. We remember this day to let our youths know that history and gory details of inhuman acts should not push them to take revenge or do similar senseless bloody killings in the name of revenge! It is clearly a Voice to take the Voice of humanity and Human rights to all humans stretching beyond ethnic lines and borders and it should not only be felt by the Kukis. Our neighbours and geography cannot be changed, Kuki leaders rightfully and politically has always blamed GOI for bad governance and their failure to act as a sovereign power in the context of the issue by not giving protection and stamping out violence within a reasonable time.
The day also  sensitize our people on the deep dark policy followed by Delhi Durbar. Kukis on 13.09.2016 mourned for all the deaths but ensured that their sorrows does not turn into neighbour bashing or creating situations for future wars. So, every Kuki did what they must be doing: mourning with their people and human rights lover for all the souls that were snatched away just because they were born as a Kuki on this day, 23 years ago.
We took a solemn pledge to stand  up for Justice and peace and to  give voice to  those 1000 brothers and sisters, who were silenced forever, until they get justice. These pledges will be much more complete and meaningful when humanity connects us as humans and cuts through our tribal lines; and  when people from all walks of life come together and make a stand for peace and say ‘No to inhumane killings’,  then 13 Sept Black Day would have not been in vain. The sun hid its face that day 13.09.1993; the blood and the cries of the helpless, defenceless and the orphaned was too much to bear even for the sun.
On one such bright day, darkness and gloom  descended into the Kuki country. It has never really left us since. Time seems to have healed most things but 13 Sept will need  Justice and the truth to bring real closure. The best thing about the Sahnit Kuki Black day programmes worldwide is the emphasis on Justice and forgiveness and the need to fight for Justice anywhere, anytime.
The trauma of a nation feeling a sense of betrayal and hopelessness like the one we had experienced that very day still brings back the trauma n pain even today….we don’t want that for any tribe or nation!
When we look at these things from the outside, we tend to accept what is printed or peddled by media houses and the govt. Propaganda machinery. The media and GoI call the conflict as Kuki-Naga clash but to the Kukis it was clearly a genocide by NSCM-IM and their supporters amongst the Nagas who were at war with India then. But Kukis are even ready to have a dialogue with the person they consider the main conspirator, to bless him and forgive him once the truth comes out.
Dr. T Lunkim, President of Kuki Organization for Human Rights which was as granted Special Consultative Status at UN ECOSOC recently, has in no uncertain terms said in his Sahnit Ni speech that Kukis and Nagas are and were not at war nor are they enemies.
The NSCN IM while waging war against India  had carried out such acts with clear agenda and understanding that such acts were targetted at Indian citizens! i.e. Kukis….. NE people must see the bigger hand that moves our polity and creates our reality. Let us talk more on the good things we share: the Mangais, Kajolte, intermarriages, Kuki saving Nagas and vice versa in our history, shared experiences and learn to let go the dark spots in our history! The politics of Geography has ensured that we must keep working together.
Can India conveniently call the aggression by an arm group fighting against Indian Citizens as Clash between two communities or tribes and be absolved of its responsibilities? My fellow Indians, GOI and policy think tank still has the Mughal or British divide and rule paradigm in the way they treat us Indians who are 2000 kms away from Delhi, will you not Shout out with us for Justice? This are just personal views from Peace Tourism activist!


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