Nagaland Minister Calls for Introcuding Nagamese in Curriculum


cr-johnNagaland’s Minister of Rural Development, C.L John, on Wednesday said that there is a need to reform the educational system in the state by introducing Nagamese language into the curriculum of schools, colleges and universities.

The minister asserted that Nagamese should be promoted as there would be no nation without having a common language. John said that even the Nagas in Myanmar have agreed to promote the Nagamese language.

Speaking at the 37th fresher’s meet of Kohima Law College, John congratulated the freshers and said that lawyers hold a big responsibility in the society and advised them to be careful while arguing cases. He added misinterpretation or misjudgement would do more damage to the society. John also urged the law students to be God fearing and to bring positive change in the society. The minister also encouraged the students to join Bar Associations in the neighbouring northeast states as that would help them to grow bigger in the profession.

News Source: North East Today


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