NEFIS condemns DU decision making Hindi compulsory


The North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) condemns the compulsory imposition of Hindi on DU students who come from different parts of the country as another disgraceful attempt to discriminate against them, said a statement of the forum.

It is especially shocking when the university that has been trying unsuccessfully since last many years to make Hindi mandatory in DU syllabus, has this time done it without issuing any notification, it said.

It should be known that even in 2013 DU had attempted to impose Hindi/Modern Indian Languages (MIL) on DU students, but had to withdraw its decision due to consistent campaign against it undertaken by NEFIS, it said.

According to the statement, compulsory imposition of Hindi would cause immense hardships for the students who belong to communities that don’t speak Hindi.

It said this step amounts to nothing less than cultural chauvinism on part of the university administration directed against the communities from the North-East because most of them are not adept in the language.

The new syllabus would put the students of the North-East under serious disadvantage vis-à-vis students from rest of the country, it said.

This gross neglect of the special needs of the students of the North-East is not a new thing and it is our observation that in the framing of university polices the interests of the students from the North-East is always neglected, it said.

NEFIS along with north-east students will launch an agitation against this recent attempt by DU authorities to discriminate against them, it said.


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