Random checkings add to traffic chaos


random-checking-trafficIMPHAL, Sep 27: Many people have expressed strong suspicion that random and unreasonable checking of vehicles by law enforcing agencies and traffic regulators have been aggravating traffic congestion in and around Imphal city. Sharing his opinion on the ongoing campaign of The Sangai Express on traffic congestion and traffic management in Imphal city, diesel auto driver Rajesh of Ahallup said that checking of passenger carrier Tata Magic vans near Kangjabi Leirak along the busy Nagamapal road has been adding to the traffic congestion. A large number of Tata Magic vans have been using  a considerable portion of Nagamapal road as their parking lots near Kangjabi Leirak.

About a week back, three traffic regulators halted and checked Tata Magic vans near Kangjabi Leirak. On account of the checking, a large number of Tata Magic vans were forced to line up along the road in a haphazard manner which led to serious traffic congestion on the lane leading to Khoyathong. A high ranking officer of City Police was passing the road when the checking was going on and he was stuck in the traffic jam near Sani Mandir. Rajesh went to the police officer and informed that the traffic jam was caused by checking of Tata Magic vans by three traffic regulators at Kangjabi Leirak. He further informed that there was no traffic problem to the southern side of Kangjabi Leirak. Then the police officer gave some instructions through wireless set. Soon after, the vehicles which were stuck there started moving freely, Rajesh conveyed.

Since the day, passenger vehicles are no longer checked at Kangjabi Leirak. There was one isolated instance of checking passenger vehicles at the same place on September 24. Those who were checking vehicles at Kangjabi Leirak were posted anew there. Perhaps, they checked the passenger vehicles unaware that it was not advisable, Rajesh said. Commuters as well as drivers of diesel autos and Tata magic vans do not have enough civic sense. Traffic regulators would be having a hard time in their efforts to make drivers and the general public follow traffic rules. But sometimes, it appears that the traffic regulators are not sincere enough in discharging their duties. Even though there is no reason to penalise driver of a passenger carrier, they (traffic regulators) still ask money. Such unethical practice demands immediate intervention of the higher authorities, Rajesh added.


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