Sibilong Village, Jiribam Strongly Condemned Arrest of Innocent Civilians and Highhandedness of Assam Rifles


The village authority of Siguilong Village strongly condemned the unlawful activities done towards the innocent civilian by the Assam Rifles under the command of CO Chinanya Verma of 23 Battalion. The village authority further clarify the statement made by the AR. That Mr. Namkhaulung Gangmei S/o Gaichamlung Gangmei and Mr. Kabigai Gangmei S/o Khamgaipou Gangmei, Siguilong village were not NSCN (K) cadets. It further claims that the arrest of innocent civilian by the AR was with a malign intention to harass the civilian and to gain undue advantage to get their promotion, name and fame etc. The way of using shield to escape their liabilities and to prevent them from taking risk by harassing the civilian have to be stopped.
It further claims that the AR Jawan has injured many women by sending away all the man to some secluded area on the pretext of interrogation with malign intention to sexually abuse the women folk. The women folk stated that the AR Jawan even try to sexually molest them but they resist them for an hour but when they fail to do so they started using deadly force out of frustration. This cause serious grave injuries which may leading to hospitalised. Some women bones were fractured, some were succumb to head injuries which may leads to brain injuries in the later days to come. The injuries were to severe that some women were not able to move for their needs even which caused a great loss to the their families as women acts as strong hold in cultivation which now is the right time for reaping what they have shown this ultimately leads to great hindrances in their day to day earning.
Therefore the Village Authority strongly condemned such act which is against the law of the land, many international covenant, international convention and Humanitarian law which our nation also adopted such laws. In a democratic Government this kind of unlawful activities is a threat to the mother Democracy where peoples itself is their government. It should be curbed with utmost care and given exemplary punishment to uplift and promote Human rights in letter and in spirit.
The Village Authority stated that the two duo innocent should be released and an exemplary damages should be provided for the women folk by the unlawful act of AR Jawan. It further claims that the concern AR Jawan and the Officer in charge should be dealt with the law for unlawful use of his authority immediately. Failing which any for m of democratic agitation will be carried out until justice is served.

(Disinlung Kamei)
Chairman/Village Authority.


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