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‘Aircraft crash’ probe in Myanmar called off

The ‘crash’ was reported to have occurred off the west coast of Myanmar

Officials halt the investigation after failing to find any evidence of debris or wreckage.

A search for an “unidentified aircraft” which was reported to have crashed off the coast of Myanmar has been called off.

Aviation authorities were alerted by regional “sources” to a crash in the sea off Myanmar, but investigators said they could not find any evidence of debris or wreckage.

Civil Aviation Department spokesperson Tin Maung Ni said officials on Manaung Island have halted their investigation.

He said: “So far as we have heard from the CAD staff on the Manaung Island things are normal there, so we’re not doing anything.”

Media is reporting about ongoing search for a missing aircraft in Myanmar. Flightradar24 don’t have any data to share at this point. pic.twitter.com/rj3epM7Onf
— Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) October 28, 2016

Mr Ni said there were no reports of incidents from any “companies operating offshore in the area and overflying” Myanmar.

Meanwhile, the head of the Manaung Police Department said he had checked reports of the plane crash “thoroughly” and had not found anything to confirm them.

Source: www.news.sky.com



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