Chavang Kut 2016 at CcPur


The Media and Publicity Committee, Chavang Kut 2016 celebration issued a press handout where they said that the Chavang Kut 2016 will be celebrated under the theme: Bigger, Better, Stronger.

It said “Chavang Kut, the biggest post harvest festival of the Chin-Kuki-Mizo ethnic group of people will be celebrated on October 30 and November 1 at Peace Ground, Tuibong Churachandpur, Manipur.

The event had been schedule for three consecutive days so as to ensure that each and every kuki-Manaseh tribe (numbering more than 70) have fair and equal chance to showcase their respective cultural heritage, it said.

The committee is also pleased to put on record that the Kuki-Manssseh group remain ever increasing at its annual Kut festival which was fourteen tribe in 2014, 48 in 2015 and this year the number of those long parted tribe, has risen to 71 who are set to rhythm the music of love in unison during celebration of Chavang Kut 2016, which is celebration of brotherhood, it said.

It said the celebration this year will mark thanksgiving to the Almighty for his bountiful blessing by herding and re-uniting together the long parted brethren beside showcasing the traditional dance and songs, sports and various cultural items of the Kuki-Manasseh group of people during the three days which will also mark unveiling of the historic monument in commemoration of “Reunion of the brethren who have been dispersed in different part of south and south east Asia by the British colonialist.

The committee has also earnestly appealed to all groups, organisations, sections of the society to refrain from calling any sort of bandhs, general strike, blockade during this three days of Chavang Kut 2016 celebration.

News Source: Imphal Free Press


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