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CIRCA commemorates Manipur’s first Assembly session

Coalition for Indigene’s Rights Campaign (CIRCA), Manipur observed the ‘Manipur National Day – 2016’ today commemorating the first Assembly sitting of independent Manipur after the exit of British, at Sana Konung Palace Compound.

Manipur titular king Leisemba Sanajaoba said it is really commendable that family members of those who were there at the first assembly sitting of independent Manipur in 1948 are attending the commemoration todaWy.

The most crucial aspect of observing the day is to educate the younger generation on the importance of the day, he told the gathering.

Leisemba Sanajaoba, heir of Maharaja Bodhachandra who signed the merger agreement said the kings of Manipur used to have ‘Angamba’ – advisors who guide the king on issues confronting the land throughout the land’s more than 2000 years of remarkable existence.

Stating that the state is today being guided by incompetent leaders who are confusing the people, he said we need intellectuals who can guide the people towards a better future.

Leishemba also said the frequency of functions and seminars on nation building organised in the state have gone down considerably in the state.

Expressing his apprehension that Manipur could be fragmented into smaller pieces in another decade or so, he appealed to the intellectuals in the state to come forward and lead the state and its people to a brighter future.

Manipur AIDS Control Society retd director Dr Khomdon Lisam said Manipur is one place where disunity among different communities as well as within a single community is witnessed.

He said that he has visited different parts of the world and almost all parts of India and found that Manipur is the state which has the least unity among the people.

Elaborating further, he said here we seen division among people who are working on the same issue.

On the Inner Line Permit System issue, he said the general strikes and other destructive forms of agitations or even the sit in protests will not bring any positive result. In order to gain positive response, the leaders of the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System should be strong enough to meet the President of India and table their demand before him, he added.

Manipur University retd deputy registrar Oinam Kullabidhu said the first Chief Minister of Manipur Maharaj Kumar Priyobarta was nominated as the CM by his elder brother the then king Maharaja Bodhachandra under Article X clause I of the Manipur Constituency Act 1947.

He said that altogether 53 elected members from different constituencies of Manipur formed the government and held its first assembly sitting on October 18, 1948. He mentioned that during the period of 1948, the state had a population of about 5,14,000.

The CPI Manipur also commemorated the day at their office building.

Source: Imphal Free Press



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