CIRCA to observe Manipur National Day on Oct 18


Coalition for Indigene’s Rights Campaign (CIRCA) will observe October 18, the day Manipur held its first Assembly sitting in 1948 as ‘Manipur National Day’ at the Royal Palace.

CIRCA convenor Somorendro Thokchom announced this during a press conference held at the front lawn of the Royal Palace in Imphal today.

He said CIRCA first observed the day at Nambol Keithel in Bishnupur district last year as ‘State Assembly Day’ which was participated by many people.

Flags with ‘Ibudhou Pakhangba’ were hoisted at 300 different places of the state, he said.

He said this year the day will be observed as ‘Manipur National Day’ as was resolved during a discussion on ‘Restoration movement for pre-merger political status of Manipur’ held during the CIRCA foundation day observance.

Speaking on the significance of the commemoration, Somorendro said that Manipur was once a princely state and an independent kingdom for more than 2000 years.

He said, however, after the British defeated Manipur in the Anglo-Manipuri war, the British parliament had resolved to announce Manipur to be an independent colonial state (protected state) under the British imperial rule.

Churachand was crowned as Maharaja of Manipur under the British, he said.

After the Second World War British Parliament passed Indian Independence Act on June 3, 1947 and created the India dominions and Standstill Agreement, administration of Manipur Foreign Affairs, Defence and Communication was handed to India Dominion, he said.

Even though Manipur was under the dominion of India its internal administration was independently carried out and in South East Asia Manipur was the first have a Constitution under the Manipur Constitution Act 1947 and became a democratic state, he said.

Somorendro lamented the current disturbed situation prevailing in the state for the past many decades is a fallout of the “forced merger” agreement.

Restoration of pre-merger political status of Manipur is an appropriate solution to bring back peace and tranquillity that the state once had, he added.

He said that pre-merger political status does not mean separation from India but to seek ‘greater autonomy’ status.

Somorendro said that the state at present has failed in taking decisions as it is depending on the central government which is creating “imbalance, chaos and disturbed” situation.

He appealed to all concerned to take part in the Manipur National Day observation.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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