Downfall of Congress in Manipur


The Congress in Manipur is now facing a situation of garbage in and Essence out. There has recently been the resignation from the party of a very straightforward, trustworthy, credible and clean leader of the party in the act of Shri Erabot Singh joining the BJP. This has just been followed by the resignation from the party as well as Membership from the Assembly of a very experienced, credible, people-friendly and effective performer of the party. The BJP salutes the courage of Shri Nongthombam Biren .

These two resignations expose the rot within the Congress Party and the Ibobi Singh-led government. When the leaders of the party, whom the people trust as credible performers, resign, the signals are very clear. The corrupt government of the coterie cannot hold its house in order. The house of the corrupted coterie government is collapsing. The Congress government in Manipur thought it could fool the people of Manipur all the time. The recent wave of the thinking leaders of the party deserting the Congress and the rising tide of people accepting the BJP prove that the public-befooling approach of the Congress has boomeranged on the party itself. The long fifteen years of unfulfilled promises, bluffing on performance and thriving on corruption have already stretched the patience of the public so much so that there is now revolt from within the party. The conscience of the party has now left the party and joined the public in the search for a credible and performance-based government. The conscience of Manipur can no longer tolerate the bluff of the Congress any more. Portents are clear that Manipur would soon have a Congress-free government. Fulfilling of the promises made to the public, genuine completion of projects in time, merit as basis for selection for government jobs, endeavour for shared prosperity and enhancing the capability of the people would be the canons of functioning of the new government after the Assembly Elections. Accountability would replace the irresponsibility of the Ibobi-led Congress government. It is clear example that congress is kill by their own agenda of three CCCs i.e. Corruption ,Commission & Cruelty so congress era in Manipur will be ending very first . There will be a BJP govt in Manipur after 2017 state assembly election .

M. Asikumar Singh
State Vice President
BJP Manipur Pradesh


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