Mukna festival begins at Khunthokhanbi


The first ever state-level festival of indigenous games ‘Rnangan Sanabung 2016’ began today at the Ima Khunthokhanbi Thangmeiband.

The three day festival is organised by the Kreeda Bharati for reformulation of the National Sports Policy of Mukna Jatra (Traditional Sports and Martial Arts of Manipur).

Saha Sanghthan Mantri, Kreeda Bharati Sanjay Tiwary, titular king of Manipur Leishemba Sanajaoba, dean of Social Sciences, Manipur University prof N Lokendro Singh and Kapilashram (Uttar Kashi) Uttarakhand Ramchandra Swami attended as the chief guest, president and guests of honour respectively of the first day of the festival.

Speaking to media persons at the sidelines of the function, the titular king said in order to popularise the indigenous games of the land, we need to include such indigenous games like mukna and thang-ta competition in our festivals and social occasions like the Lai-Haraoba.

He also stressed on the need for a collective attempt to revive the dying traditions of the land and for the people to consider it as their own responsibility.

The effort of the Kreeda Bharati is laudable, he observed expressing his gratitude.

SanjayTiwari in his speech said the different martial arts forms like kung-fu, wushu, taekwondo, etc originated from different countries, nevertheless, Manipuri players are doing well in such disciplines both at the national and international events.

If the Mainpuris can shine in such martial art forms of foreign countries, why should the people promote and taken their own indigenous martial arts at the national and international arena, he said encouraging the people to promote the indigenous games and martial art forms of the land.

Prof N Lokendro said Mukna is a 2000 year old tradition and evolved along with the Meetei civilization. Every person of the society used to practice it for self-defense, he said.

In the last 20 years or so, Manipur University has done much research on ‘Mukna’ during which it is learnt that it has close familiarity with ‘Judo,’ he said.

It is, he said, the right time to take up a mass movement to revive and promote the indigenous games of the land.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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