New man in the hot chair. Let students study


Now that the Union Human Resource Development Ministry has stepped in and appointed a new VC of Manipur University, can one expect normalcy to return to the varsity ? This may be easier said than done for remember there are conflicting stands on the reservation issue and it is primarily the students who stand to lose the most. This is already the fag end of October and other universities must be getting ready to wrap up the first semester, a sure indication that MU students will lose out in the long run. Already the academic atmosphere at the varsity has been hit and if normalcy is not restored soon, it may be completely derailed this year. This means losing one academic year and the question is whether Manipur can really afford this. Rules are rules and it must be adhered to and good to not forget that these rules are framed for the benefits of all. However in the melee that has enveloped MU recently no one seems to have given any thought to the future of the young students and the land. This is no way students should be pursuing their academic career and the tragedy is no one seems ready to listen to this. Now that the Union HRD Ministry has stepped in and appointed a full time VC, everyone concerned should try to capitalise on the new development and take MU to the track of educating the young students.

The Sangai Express has already had its say on the CEI (Reservation in admission) norms of 2006 and its amended version of 2012 and so has the Union HRD Ministry in its communique to the varsity on October 24. Tough to say when a response from the Visitor (President of India) will come but the very appointment of a non-local man to the post of VC here at this point of time is a clear indication that the Centre is more keen on someone seen to be neutral to settle the issue. This is not without reason. Two VC-in-charge had already resigned in quick succession and  one can surely imagine the pressure of pull and push they must have been subjected to while in the hot chair. No reason to believe that the new non-local VC will not come under pressure, but the degree will lessen. It is most probably with this belief that the Union HRD Ministry took the initiative to appoint Prof Adya Prasad Pandey to the said post. All should also acknowledge that what is at stake here is the future of thousands of young students and playing with their future is just not done. Look at the level of competition all over the world and the country and the point that is sought to be made here will become clearer.

Source: The Sangai Express


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