‘Preserving ecosystem essential for a healthy survival’


net_cm_ibobo_looking_at_a_paintingThe Chief Minister O Ibobi has exhorted the need to change our behaviour in order to preserve the fragile earth’s ecosystem, and also if we are to feed, clothe and care for ourselves into the future.
He was speaking as the chief guest inaugurating an art , ‘Indigenising the Contemporary’, organised by the Hao Heritage Foundation in association with RUGSA at Hotel Imphal, which will conclude tomorrow.

Ibobi continuing his deliberation maintained that all living beings including humans on this earth are part of nature and they cannot be separated. “We depend upon healthy ecosystem for survival. Nature provides us essentials like clean water, food, medicines, and even recreational retreats. Intact ecosystems also help regulate our weather and climate”, he said.

Further he emphasised that the natural eco system are extremely fragile, and we are beginning to understand the myriad interactions and interdependence that sustain them, adding that once they are gone there are no replacement.

The inaugural function was also attended by I Hemochandra, minister Revenue, Forest & Environment as president of the function, Victor Keishing, parliamentary secretary as guest of honour respectively. Former minister RV Minthing, RK Nimai, advisor to the government, and Mutua Bhadur, art connoisseur were also present as special guest.

A coffee table book, ‘The Naga Tribes in Manipur’, was also released by the Chief Minister on the occasion.

Ningshimyao A Shimray, who took the leading role in organising the exhibition, speaking to IFP at the sidelines said it is an attempt to preserve and promote the indigenous art and culture particularly of the Tankhul Nagas which are on the verge of extinction.

“I have been personally documenting various art and craft of our tribe. The more I delve into it I discover more and more new things which are almost not known to the present generation”, she said.

Shorei Shimray, who is also the brain behind the exhibition, said that it is about recognising the inherent value of the art and craft which are often neglected for various reasons. It may be mentioned that most of the paintings and carvings are work of Shorei, which also includes originally hand-woven Thangkhul traditional attires by artisans of Hao Heritage Foundation.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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