Tangkhul Naga Long shuts door on Chief Minister O Ibobi for good. Inaugurating half completed projects will not be allowed : TNL


e-front-__-tnl-inspected-ukhrul-district-hospitalIMPHAL, Oct 27 : Reiterating his earlier stand, president of Tangkhul Naga Long, Weapon Zimik today asserted that it would be better for Chief Minister not to try and come to inaugurate half completed projects in Ukhrul again.

Speaking to the media at his office chamber today, Weapon Zimik said that if the Chief Minister intends to come again to inaugurate the half completed projects then the opposition to his visit will be more intense than earlier.

Specifically referring to Ukhrul district hospital, the TNL leader said that the hospital was first scheduled to be inaugurated on October 15. “When we heard that, we inspected the hospital and found that even the doors and windows were yet to be fitted,” added the TNL president.

“Then when the inauguration date was set for October 24, we again inspected the hospital and found that 13 beds had been put in place.” added Weapon Zimik. No equipment had been installed, no power supply and no water supply at the supposed to be inaugurated hospital, he added.

To be precise, till the last minute of the inauguration programme, there was nothing to suggest that the building is a hospital, he added.

Expressing deep disappointment with such governance, Weapon Zimik said that after this necessary steps were taken up to boycott the inauguration programme.

On the other hand, Weapon Zimik claimed that the bomb blasts as well as the gun fire that ensued on the day the Chief Minister and his team landed at Ukhrul had nothing to do with the NSCN (IM).

Holding the NSCN (IM) responsible for the bomb blasts as well as the firing was without basis and any foundation, he added.

It was just to whip up an issue that some security personnel were directed to stage manage the gun fire, he added.

Claiming that he is not batting on behalf of the NSCN (IM), Weapon Zimik questioned how cadres of the outfit could have sneaked into the highly fortified area with security personnel drawn from different organisations including the Assam Rifles.

The media is witness to how one police officer called all the security personnel and at that instant the loud report of gun fire was heard, he added.

On the statement made by the Chief Minister to the media on October 25, Weapon Zimik said, “We know that it is a 50 bedded hospital to be later upgraded to a 100 bedded one. There are details including the sanctioned amount. It is the first phase of 50 beds which is yet to be completed,” added the TNL leader.

There would have been no boycott if the first phase of the 50 bedded hospital had been completed, said Weapon Zimik.

Answering a query, the TNL president said, the public protest and boycott was a result of the ploy of the Government to inaugurate a half completed hospital. It was a bid to insult the people of Ukhrul and this was not tolerable, he added.

Other reasons for the boycott and the uprising include, the nine people killed at Churachandpur during the protest against the ‘anti-tribal Bills’ with the bodies still lying in state, the decision of the UNC to snap all ties with the Government of Manipur and the ban imposed on the entry of Th Muivah to his native place by the Government of Manipur, added the TNL leader.

To another query, the TNL leader said that even if the hospital is completed, the Chief Minister should not come to inaugurate the same. Either the Governor or a high ranking Government official may do the same, he added.

After briefing the media, TNL members took the media persons to Ukhrul district hospital to let them get a first hand account.

Some beds were being laid at the hospital and equipment had been put in place at the OT room. The X-ray machine and ultrasonography imaging machine have also been installed.

Weapon Zimik however said that all the equipment were not there when the hospital was to be inaugurated on October 24. The beds were put in place just today, he claimed.

The was no provision for power supply on the second floor and third floor.

Some equipment have now been installed, said Weapon Zimik but added that they have just been installed and added that none of them were there when the hospital was about to be inaugurated on October 24.

Even now, the sanctioned post of doctors, nurses and para-medical staff are yet to be filled up, added the TNL president.

Source: The Sangai Express


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