The Manipur Inner Line Permit Bill, 2016


Submitted by the Association of Premier State College Seniors, Manipur

A BILL to regulate the coming to stay or settle of Non-Manipuris in this tiny State of Manipur in order that the microscopic Manipuri Community of the native land and people with native culture, is fully safeguarded from all perceivable damages causing harms to the lands history, biology (niches), culture, economy etc. as it will be in the interest of all living together.
Short title, Extent and Commencement
Be it enacted by the Legislature of Manipur in the Sixty-seven Year of Republic of India as follows:
1. (1) This Act may be called the Manipur Inner Line Permit Act, 2016.
(2) It shall extend to the whole of the State of Manipur.
(3) It shall come into force on such date as the State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint. Definitions.


2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-
(a) “ Non- Manipuri People “ means persons who are citizens of India but who were not bonafide residents of this tiny State of Manipur immediately before the Kingdom’s merger with Indian Union on 15th Oct.,1949. Post-merger Non-Manipuris are the persons whose names are not found in the electoral roll. Explanation- For the purpose of this clause, the bonafide resident means a person whose name was found in the electoral rolls /Land pattas and relevant records available.
(b) “ Manipuri people” means the inhabitants of the Kingdom before the merger event ie Oct 15, 1949 and may be described as the Pre-merger Manipuris under the Kingdom’s Law. Community-wise they are – the Meeteis/ Meiteis the Tribals, the Pangals, the Brahmins (Bamon) and some other outsiders of Indian and Burmese origin settled with the permission of the Kingdom’s Authority as records speak. They are not indigenous like the native people or Manipuri. Pre-merger Manipuris / Natives also left Manipuri during Awa Lan and settled outside the Kingdom as Migrants and not returned except some with home coming instinct.

Explanation– For the purpose of this clause the native people means a person in a specified place or associated with a place by birth whether subsequently their or not “Post-merger Manipuris” are those whose names are found in the electoral rolls prepared after merger. No-Indian also entered and settled in this State without obtaining any authorisation. Many of their names are found in the electoral roll and need detection for deportation according to the Law. Naturalisation on request may be made, old and new- Pre and Post Manipuris are now governed by the same Law. The influx of Non- Manipuris in this naturally limited tiny land with no more available areas for settlement has now created an unprecedented situation that the daily life and activity of the Manipuris is seriously impacted. Their age-old history, jealously guarded, their biological niches, their culture and custom and tradition economy are all hit to deface the identity of the land and people. If this trend continues further unchecked- it is the genuine fear of the People particularly Pre-merger Manipuris will become extinct in due course. To therefore, protect the Manipuri people today and tomorrow as in duty bound the Legislative Assembly is to enact the Law/ Act called “ the Manipur Inner Line Permit Act, 2016 “.

Registration of Non-Manipuri People and establishment of registration centres and issue of Pass
3. (1) At the commencement of this Act, every Non-Manipuri People entering the State shall register himself with the registration authority designated under sub-section (3) of this section.
(2) For the purpose of sub-section (1), the State Government shall establish registration centres at such places as may be notified in the Official Gazette by the State Government from time to time.
(3) The State Government shall designate as many officers of the State Government as the registration authority at every registration centre.

(To be contd)

Source: The Sangai Express


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