UCM, AMUCO react sharply on Nagaland CM’s visit to Mnp

Nagaland chief minister TR Zeliang was visiting Manipur only to spew communal venoms, UCM and AMUCO, Wednesday, alleged.
Zeliang visited Manipur’s Senapati district to attend, “1st Conference of the Naga Village Authority of Nagalim”, held at Yaikhongpao village. Manipur government declared him (Zeliang) as state guest.
United Committee Manipur (UCM) and All Manipur United Clubs Organisation (AMUCO), while strongly reacting to the visit, alleged that he (Zeliang) was coming to the state only to create hatred among the different communities living together in the state.
Addressing a news conference, UCM president Elangbam Johnson also questioned the motive behind Manipur government declaring him as state guest despite knowing the motive behind the visit and organisation of the conference by the United Naga Council (UNC). Elangbam said that UCM did not take the matter lightly as each and every Manipuri knew the Nagaland chief minister is a person who wanted to distort the integrity of the state.
He asked whether state chief minister O Ibobi Singh led Congress government has links with those who are engineering all sort of strategy to distort the territorial integrity of the state.
While reaffirming UCM’s firm stand for the territorial integrity of Manipur, Elangbam warned both the government at the Centre and state while reminding the uprising of the Manipur people in June 2001 against the Centre’s extension of ceasefire agreement with NSCN (I-M) without territorial limit.
He said that everyone is well aware of UNC’s activities. “It (UNC) is an organization working restlessly with all sorts of activities to distort the integrity of the state under the whims of the NSCN (I-M)”, UCM president alleged.
AMUCO president Ph Deban, in separate news conference held at its office in Imphal, termed the visit of Nagaland chief minister to Manipur as a journey to disintegrate the communal harmony among the various communities living together since time immemorial.
“TR Zeliang is a person who was behind division among various Naga tribes in Nagaland. It was at his time that the Naga Hoho was distorted. His journey to Manipur is nothing but to distort the unity of the people of the state and to spew poison among the various communities of the state,” Deban alleged.
The president further questioned the reason behind the boycott call given to the proposed visit and the chief minister in Ukhrul welcoming Nagaland chief minister to a programme bearing an agenda of disintegration of Manipur.
Deban was referring to chief minister O Ibobi Singh’s proposed visit to Ukhrul district headquarters on October 24 to inaugurate a district hospital there amidst the boycott call given by some Ukhrul based civil bodies.
The AMUCO president criticised Nagaland chief minister for interfering in the internal affairs of the neighbouring state even as his own state was in crisis.
The president was referring to the demand for a separate state by segregating a portion of Nagaland by civil bodies based in eastern Nagaland.
AMUCO also reacted to a recent statement of the Union home minister Rajnath and said that before any conclusion is brought between the NSCN (I-M) and the India government, the content of the agreement must be let known to the people of the state or else there is no guarantee to the outcome.
Source: Nagaland Post


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