Ugly stand off at Manipur University Toying with the future


Manipur University has seen better days. But the present stand off at the varsity is a cause of serious concern for at stake here is the future of thousands of students. The Sangai Express will refrain from passing a comment on the reservation row but what is happening cannot be healthy for anyone. Looking at it on a bigger canvas, nothing seems to be going right for education in the State. No wonder thousands of students go outside the State to pursue their higher studies and while this may not pose much of a problem to parents who are well off, not all are financially placed well but the need to educate their children is felt by all. This is universal and it is here that the question of whether the right ambience has been created for the students to pursue their academics smoothly arises. Not at all. While other universities are nearing the final stage of the first semester, classes are yet to start at Manipur University. This is atrocious. Other than the present impasse at MU, the overall situation is such that education of the young students has been compromised to such an extent that there was a time when it was common for students to lose one academic year if they wanted to go outside to study, because the results were never declared on time.

Nothing seems to be right at the moment and this is a cause of grave concern. Toy around with the academic pursuit of the students and one is toying around with the future and this is something which no society can afford to do. To think that this is happening in an age when it is all about excellence and there is no room for the second best and this makes the scenario all that more unacceptable. If it is not some stand off between the students and the authority concerned then it will be about confrontations between student bodies. Again, one has to take into account the numerous bandhs, general strikes and other disturbances which continue to dog the young students and everything that can go wrong for the students seem to have gone wrong. Young students being dragged out from their classrooms to take to the road on issues which should strictly be adult affairs is not uncommon here. Everyone need to chip in their bit to ensure that a conducive atmosphere is created for students to pursue their academics freely without any disturbance.


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