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A Clarion Call to Develop a State Diversity Policy and Call for Anti Racial Law in Assam


Control Arms Foundation of India along with Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network in collaboration with Chars and Rural Development Society conducted a successful state level meeting on ” Ensuring Diversity, Women’s Right and Democracy in India: Working Towards Ending Racial Discrimination & Gender Based Violence on 11 November 2016 at Phukan Hall, Don Bosco Institute Kharguli, Guwahati, Assam.Addressing the opening function, Ms Binalakshmi Nepram, Founder, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network, said that there is urgent need to develop a diversity policy in Assam and other state of Northeast to reduce the conflict and racism. She further mentioned that the Government of India still denies the existence of Racism in India. We must get to understand the concept of diversity collectively & we have to respect each other.

She was speaking at the state level meeting in Guwahati, Assam. She also emphasized on establishing Women Support Centers across the country to provide legal and social support to women.

Ms Rebina Subba, Advocate, Chairperson, Shamakami, Shillong and Member, Meghalaya State Women Commission, stated that violence against women should not go unreported. Gender sensitization at work place and village level is a necessity. Schools & Colleges need to create a non-threatening atmosphere for its students specially the girl child. Dr Richa Pandey, Forensic Expert, Asst. Professor at GMC, she highlighted that rate of violence against women and abduction has increased and she mentioned that children should be educated regarding the issues of sexual assault. She emphasized on training of police and relevant authorities. Economic independence of women doesn’t come without legal awareness. Further she emphasized on the establishment of one stop crisis centre which provides immediate and relevant services to women in distress. Based on the discussion the following recommendations were made by participants:

· Assam State Diversity Policy must be adopted by Govt of Assam
· Violence reduction is needed in Northeast India
· There has to be an Anti Racial Law in the country
· Strong policy on women protection is a must
· Women support Centre should set up in larger numbers with proper basic requirements
· violence against women should not go unreported
· Gender sensitization at work place and village level is a necessity
· Trainings of police and relevant authorities
· Launch of Digital Literacy programme for women
· Adequate awareness on registering FIRs in police station
· Assam Govt should establish ‘One Stop Crisis Centres’ in every district of Assam as soon as possible
· Govt of India should implement BezBaruah Committee recommendations
· Women health care should be given priority
· Schools & Colleges need to create a non-threatening atmosphere for its students specially the girl child
· A necessity to work with media on gender just and diversity policy
· The government of Assam should recognize that the state has become a hub of women trafficking and adequate measures should be taken to protect rights of the concerned women.

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