Advocate Mani demands PR in state


Senior advocate Khaidem Mani has asked for invocation of Article 356 to quell the chaotic situation and vexed issues confronting the state.

Meeting the press at his residence Advocate Mani said if the state government is unable to tackle the numerous problems of the state, it is better to call for imposition of the President’s Rule.

Today, the state is facing numerous problems including the demand for Inner Line Permit System, Schedule Tribe status for Meiteis, Sadar Hills and Jiribam districts demand, etc, he said.

On top of this is the ongoing indefinite economic blockade which has not only affected the availability of essential commodities, but the school transport system also, he lamented.

Scarcity of petroleum has affected all walks of life in the state, he said elaborating that school van services have ceased their services, advocates are unable to attend court and state government employees working in the state departments are also unable to attend their offices.

Petrol price in the black market has skyrocketed to Rs 250 per litre and it is a general belief that some police personnel are hand in glove with these black marketeers, he said.

The state seems to be moving towards the Old Stone Age, and it wouldn’t be wrong to hold the government responsible for all the bad things happening, he said.

Where is the rule of law and where is the government administration, he demanded adding why is it that the government is unable to ensure Article 19 and 21 for the people.

If the state government is unable to run the state properly, the Chief Minister should quit, surrender his post and give someone else from his cabinet or party the chance, he said.

However, in the interest of the general public of the state, the best option would be imposition of President’s rule, he said.

We all know that the President’s rule is not good, but it would be better than the rule of the present government, he said replying to a media query.

People may have the apprehension that once PR is imposed, the centre would easily give away the state’s territory in order to solve the Nage Peace agreement, he said while clarifying that people should not fear at all because the centre cannot compromise the state boundary while the PR is imposed in the state.

The PR is meant to only revive the administration of the state which has been paralysed under the Ibobi government, he said.

The June 18 uprising is a big lesson for the central government, Mani said.

Good governance doesn’t depend on the party, but a few good leaders, he said.

Considering the present situation in the state, change is the need of the hour, he added.

He expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes which will help in ensuring a free and fair election in the state which is just round the corner.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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