An open letter to United Naga Council…


Tears welcomed the news: her husband went to city for work and he sent his wife the money to maintain the family but the neighbour ahead of their house stopped them because they hate the neighbour behind them. Can any of the readers answer me, what is the fault of the family living in the middle?

To UNC, with whom are you angry with? Is it with the government? Wanna know something? You really want to kill a person but you are afraid to kill him standing face to face so, you choose to kidnap his son. What’s the fault of his son? You want to force and give stress to the government kings to fulfill your demand. You really don’t know this, I feel it, I will tell you today; they have food for 100 years. If you really wanna put the stress on them, snick in their kitchen.

To all the UNC members, you say this is economic blockade. Do you know the definition of economic blockade? Okay let me explain in a nursery level. All the food that are produced in a place ‘A’ is stopped from giving to place ‘B’ because ‘A’ hates ‘B,’ this is call economic blockade. But if ‘A’ wants to give to ‘B’ and a place in between call ‘C’ stops it because ‘C’ hates ‘X,’ ‘C’ can be put behind bars, because that’s none of their business. This is not economic blockade but ROAD BLOCKADE. Are you happy when you see Manipur going to hell?

You are this angry when KUKI tries to form a new district of Sadar Hills because there is a bit of land issues of NAGAS. What might Manipur be feeling when you talk about forming GREATER NAGALAND ? Please let’s end this. And those who are in the blockade, some of your sons and daughters are in Imphal, studying and working and so on? Do you have any words for them?

The price of all the stuffs are increasing like anything, when this issue of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 are beyond the orbit of tolerance. Okay now to Congress, what do you think is going on? Okay! We keep complaining and telling all the problems. Some of the ministers said, “The public also need to understand the situation, if they want to settle the issue, give us the idea, even for ILP.” In first place, if you have zero knowledge about running a government why are you into politics? Okay secondly, I will give you the idea of how to settle this UNC issue; I am not spotting the errors or the problems. Firstly, put more Indian Army camps in a regular distance at the national highways. Secondly, make more highways instead of ring road, as it is the life line. Thirdly, instead of talking in assemblies, go to every corner for open meetings. Fourthly, invite all communities in every discussion, we should never ask for solution, that’s impossible; ask for conclusions, it will come out through group open discussions. Fifthly, remove caste system or put us all under one caste.

And to BJP, instead of blaming to Congress for every petty issue, can’t you show your responsibility and act accordingly? If you are like a complain box kid, how can we trust that you will be sharp when you come to ruling party?

For a person in ICU, if you take out the oxygen mask when his oxygen level is damn low, do you stand there and think of taking permission from the head of department if you should put the mask again or not? When Manipur is in this state now, what is there to think? Why is the government’s response so late?

My neighbour can take away my land but if they take my food which is my life, I would be no longer afraid to kill him. UNC! You are taking away our food. Please understand, all the truck drivers who are lined up there. They do have families, they are not at all related with Sadar hills issues, there are families living with water only now. Stop this before the survival of the fittest turns into a reality.

(The writer is based in Canada. He can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal)

Source: Sangai Express


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