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Counter blockade launched

Angry locals of Khurai pulling down goods from Ukhrul bound bus during the counter blockade.

As resentment over the scarcity of daily essentials including fuel due to the ongoing economic blockade grows among the people, residents of Khurai Konsam Leikai today launched a counter blockade by stopping movement of goods from to Imphal to beyond Konsam Leikai.

Members of Young Organisation Sporting Club and Khurai Konsam Leikai Meira Paibi Lup stopped buses and other passenger services at Konsam Leikai in Imphal East to prevent movement of essential and other commodities from Imphal city to beyond Konsam Leikai along Imphal-Ukhrul road.

The counter blockade came on the 12 th day of the indefinite economic blockade imposed by the United Naga Council (UNC) along Imphal-Dimapur, national highway-2 and Imphal-Jiribam, national highway-37 since November 1 against the proposed creation of Sadar Hills and Jiribam districts.

“The counter blockade began at 11 am. We discussed the problem we are facing after the blockade and we decided to launch a counter blockade,” Ngangkham Ongbi Prabhabati Devi, secretary of Konsam Leikai Choukhat Khongthang Nupi Lup said.

She said because of the blockade all edible items have either become costlier or not been available in the market. Even rotten potatoes are not available. Schools have been closed as petrol is not available. Petrol is sold at Rs. 200 per litre in the black market, she said.

“Given this situation we have decided that we should not remain silent and launch a counter blockade,” she said.

Members of the local organisations stopped buses, Wingers, cars and other mode of transport to check if any commodities are being ferried. They asked the occupants of the vehicles to come down and then checked for the commodities. If any commodity is found these are unloaded.

After unloading the goods the vehicles were allowed to proceed further. The owners were told that they will get back their commodities after the blockade imposed by the Naga organisation is lifted.

They recorded names of the owners of the goods and registration number of the vehicles so that the owners can claim their goods later on.

The unloaded goods are being kept at the safe custody of the sporting club.

“We will continue the counter blockade until the UNC blockade is lifted. The state government should bear all the consequences of the counter blockade,” she said.

Source: Imphal Free Press



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