Don’t say you are sad by sitting next to a beggar


Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam

Are you sad sometimes thinking you missed the most important thing of your life? What made you feel that is the most important thing? It’s because you are alive. Being alive now is the most important thing. The best way to experience this is to buy a wrist watch. Wear that watch all the time. Keep looking every hour, you are still alive. Look again, you are still alive. You know? More than a million dies every hour, and you are still alive. Can’t you be happy for that?

People keep asking for what they will do every morning. People say meditation, exercise, pray and many more. But I will say, the moment you get up, go to your parent’s room, wake them up, wake your brothers and sisters up. Call those who really mean a lot in your live to wish them. They are all alive. You know billions don’t wake up from yesterday’s sleep. But all that who means a lot to you wakes up. Are you not very lucky? Can’t you be happy for that?

When your parents come home? When your husband comes home late? When you children come home from school? Sometimes you find tiny reasons to fight with them. You know, there are millions of parents, husband, children who dies from accident, heart attack, disaster, and so more, on their way back home. But your love ones are still alive with you. Can’t you be happy for that?

You beat your children before sending them to school for small reasons? You quarrel with your husband before they go for work. You never know, that may be the last moment you will see him alive. Why don’t you make the moment sweet? The last hug on the farewell day is always meaningful. Can’t you be happy with them always?

You stay in hostel. Every night you dad or mom will call you repeatedly to know what are you doing? Whether you have slept or not? But you keep quarrelling with your parents for you think they are disturbing you. You know? There are millions of hostellers whose phone never rings with dad or mom in their contact list. But your parents are still alive. Can’t you be happy for that?

You come home after office with a diesel auto, you sit with frozen thoughts. You even feel like dying because of all the tensions. You think you will be happy if your salary is increased. On the other hand, the driver was singing as he drives. Why is he happy? He has no government job like yours. He has nothing so called ‘salary.’ How can he be happy without money? The only reason for why he is happy is because he chose to be happy. Can’t you be happy for what you are?

Trust me; happiness with reason is extremely temporary. You waited for class 12 results, you think if you score above 90%, that moment will be the happiest moment in your life. Result came, you got 93%, and you jumped like anything with happiness. You friend called you to ask you, “Bro, which college will you choose?” Tensions will surround you again because happiness with reason will go away. If your happiness was for no reason, you will smile till your last.

People keep asking themselves, how can they be happy? Why should they smile? Today I will ask you something. How can you not be happy? Why should you not smile? You may say you got less salary, you have a hard time in paying your son’s fees, and your neighbour is disturbing you a lot. You know! There are millions who have never experienced getting salary in their life, there are millions who don’t even have children whom they want to send to school so much, and there are millions who lives so separated and have no neighbours. But they are happy and they still smile. Then why can’t you be happy and smile. Are you so greedy? Can’t you be happy for what you are?

Stop bargaining for not putting air conditioner in your room, there are millions who sends all the years saving to buy a blanket for the winter. Stop bargaining for not buying costly shoes for you, there are millions who still search for a pair of slippers in the garbage, but never finds. There is always someone below you, we are climbing a pole by holding on each other, if you leave, and all below you will no longer hold the pole to breathe a seconds longer. You are lucky, you have everything. Don’t run after something which circulates. Be happy for everything. Keep asking, “Why am I not happy?” when you are down. Before you answer, trust me, there will already be a smile on your face.

(The writer is based in Canada. He can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal)

Source: The Sangai Express


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