Elections rules and regulation of MSAD


Manipur Students’ Association Delhi

To download the Nomination Form, click here.

1. Read carefully the ERR before filling up the forms.
2. MSAD Annual General Election for the Executive Term 2016-2017 will be held on 13
November 2016 for the following executive posts:
* President
* Vice-President
* General Secretary
* Organization Secretary
* Finance Secretary
* Public Relations Secretary
* Academic & Magazine Secretary
* Games & Sports Secretary
* Cultural Secretary.
3. Students willing to contest election must obtain a complete set of nomination form. The
nomination form has six pages. The first three pages are general layout of information &
ERR. The following three pages contain three forms that a candidate (Form I) and his/ her
proposer and seconder (Form II & III respectively) must duly fill up and submit to the
Election Committee.

4. Last date for filing of nomination form and withdrawal of candidature is 11
November 2016. Nomination form will not be accepted after 10 a.m.

5. The Election Committee will conduct scrutiny of candidature on 11 November 2016
JNU CAMPUS at 3 p.m. A candidate must report for scrutiny along with his/ her
proposer and seconder to the Election Committee by 3 p.m.

6. Oath taking ceremony of the MSAD Executives Committee 2016-2017 will be held at
the Delhi University Garden, near VC Office, University of Delhi (North Campus).

7. A candidate must deposit in cash a sum of Rs. 200/- (non-refundable) only as security deposit when submitting nomination form.

8. A complete form costs Rs. 20/- (twenty) only.

III. Election Agent
9. A candidate must send two election agents for every polling station and they must be present till end of the counting of the votes.

10. Failure to send two agents will not give any validity of claims upon any violation of ERR
during and after the election.

IV. Discretion
11. Polling officer of each polling station is the sole authority to decide upon any matter relating to ensuring strict and fair election.ERR 2016, Manipur Students’ Association Delhi

12. The Election Committee will Endeavour to declare election result within five hours after the end of casting of votes.

13. Each candidate must submit a brochure of election expenditure to the Election Committee within five days after oath taking without fail. Failure to submit it will amount to violating the ERR and is liable for any candidate who holds any office to be terminated by a resolution of the Election Committee.

14. If any person or group is found guilty of violating the ERR, the person or the group should bear all expenses of election process and will be duly dealt in an immediate session of the Election Committee, which may consider termination of the candidature if there is any whom the person or the group factually and clearly support(s).

V. Polling
15. Polling will be conducted at the following area from 10 a.m to 4 p.m
* Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi (Delhi North)
* 24*7 food court, JNU
* Jamia community center park, Jamia Millia Islamia University
* Moti Bagh (CC park)

VI. Eligibility:
16. Students pursuing a Post-Graduate Regular or Correspondence course in any of the
Universities based in Delhi and recognized by the UGC or institutions in Delhi recognized by the Government of Delhi and who have stayed for a complete one year in Delhi are eligible to contest election for the post of the MSAD President.

17. Students pursuing at least a Graduate Regular or Correspondence course in any institutions or colleges affiliated to any of the universities in Delhi recognized either by the UGC or the Government of Delhi are eligible to contest election for the post of Vice-President, General Secretary, Finance Secretary, Organisation Secretary, Public Relations Secretary, Academic & Magazine Secretary, Sports Secretary and Cultural Secretary.

VII. Voting Rights:
18. Voting right is exclusively restricted to students from Manipur pursuing education in Delhi.

19. A voter can cast vote not more than once.

20. Verification of the identity card of a voter is mandatory for issuing a ballot paper against his/her name.

21. The student identity card should bear the name of the institution and should be an identity card issued by the legitimate authority of the concerned institution. .

22. Students of Class X and below standards are not eligible to cast vote.

VIII. Proposer and Seconder:
23. A candidate must have at least a proposer and a seconder, who will be responsible for the overall conduct of the candidate during election and during his/ her official tenure if elected.

24. A proposer or a seconder must be a bonafide student in Delhi.

25. Both the proposer and seconder must be present for scrutiny. Their failure to present in person along with the candidate for scrutiny will be considered as violation of ERR by the concerned candidate and could amount to disqualification of the later from contesting election.

IX. Documents Required:
26. A candidate and his/ her proposer/ seconder must attach the following documents while submitting the form.ERR 2016, Manipur Students’ Association Delhi

27. Attested photocopy of valid identity card issued by concerned authority where he/ he is enrolled as student.

28. Bonafide certificate issued by college or university.

29. Attested photocopy of high school leaving certificate.

30. Attested photocopy of mark sheet of the last examination passed.

X. Contact:
31. For information related to election please contact the following persons:
(1) Bijurekha Samom (Chairperson) 9599522950
(2) R.K Gunamani (Election Commissioner) 9953877262
(3) Thoudam Chittaranjan (CEO -DU) 9643156321
(4) Wangam Thokchom (EO –JNU) 7838129422
(5) Raj Moirangthem (EO – DU) 7503039672
(6) Md. Rishad (EO- Jamia)
(7) Md. Azimuddin (RO) 7836854369

Beerjurekha Samom
Chairperson, Election Committee,
Manipur Students’ Association Delhi
4th November 2016
Email: msad.manipur@gmail.com



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