Girls from north-east to patrol national capital


women-copsPuja Dey’s elder sister was married when she was just entering her teens. Pooja hails from Tripura and the financial conditions of her family weren’t great, hence her sister was married. She did not want to get settled so soon and hence started studying at a higher level. A MA in Political Science from Tripura University, Dey wanted to do bigger than this in life. “My father passed away four years back due to a heart stroke and my mother started tailoring. I wanted my mother to feel that the sacrifice they had made was worth it and hence when the form to be inducted in the Delhi Police came out, I knew this was it,” said Dey.

She is also a national level archery player. Recalling going home after her mid-term break, she said “My mother came to pick me up at the bus stand and kissed me in front of everyone. People who did not bother much about us are now coming forward since I am in the forces. I had always waved at planes but it was for the first time that I ever sat in an aircraft that too with my own money.”

Fighting all odds, coming from disturbed areas, and making a life changing decision, these girls from the North-East (NE) will be patrolling the national capital. They are part of the country, equal contributors to its growth and economy, aware of their duties and rights and proud of their nationality. A common and perennial grouse people from the NE part of India have is the discrimination they face in the national capital. The sense of alienation they are subjected runs deep, affecting basics of life like renting a place to stay. Constant racial slurs and being judged for their looks by their own countrymen makes them feel more unwanted, invariably forcing them to form close clusters of their ‘own’ people.

The past few years in Delhi have also seen surge in crime against North Eastern people, smacking of an evidently prejudiced mindset. Addressing these biases and in an effort to break the mental blocks that North Indians have for the NE and make the latter feel part of the society, the Delhi Police has inducted 134 young girls from various states in the NE who by the beginning of next year shall be visible on Delhi roads patrolling the city and taking charge of the situation.

The gang of 134 girls from various parts of the North-East looks no less than a family here training together at the Police Training School at Dwarka. They are all set to pass out in February and are excited to keep a strict vigil in the city. The girls admit that initially not just them but their family members were also hesitant in sending them to Delhi because they had heard so many news of discrimination and also the rise in crime against women in the Capital. Marami Boro from Assam speaks fluent Hindi like any other North Indian and says “This is India’s best police service. The sense of security that a uniform gives you and also to the other people around you is the reason I decided to take it up. The field work makes you mentally and physically strong and that’s what excites me all the time,”

The girls do believe that discrimination does exist but they want to look at the bigger picture wherein they just don’t want to serve the women of the NE but any other women of the country. “When you are in the police and have the authority then there are many ways you can help someone. We have joined the force because we want people to know that we are no less than anyone. Infact we would love to be a part of more challenging teams like the SWAT and commandos,” said the girls with a scream.

This is one of the steps to make Delhi police cosmopolitan and gender balanced. The women cops are doing great in the training and are especially wonderful in the outdoor training. In addition to basic training they are also learning Hindi,” said Suman Nalwa, Principal, Police Training School, Dwarka.

Source: DNA India


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