Manipur sets new world record


3911 hearing aids fitted in 8 hours, provisional certificate received.

CM Ibobi receives the Guinness World Record Provisional Certificate or distribution of maximum number of hearing aids.
CM Ibobi receives the Guinness World Record Provisional Certificate or distribution of maximum number of hearing aids.

Manipur’s attempts to enter into the Guinness book of world record for distribution of maximum number of hearing aids to beneficiaries was successfully completed having distributed total of 3911 hearing devices within 8 hours.

In a simple function at the CM’s Secretariat the Provisional Certificate from Guinness World Records was handed over to Chief Minister Manipur O. Ibobi Singh. Ibobi said it is a proud moment for all of us in Manipur to create such a world record.

Manipur easily broke the current record of 600 held by Gujarat in barely two hours.

The official of the organising committee informed that in two hours of record time Manipur distributed over 1000 hearing aids to the beneficiaries.

As expected by the organiser the beneficiaries turn-out was huge in number.

Beneficiaries were seen in queue even before the record attempt was started.

The record attempt officially began at 8.45 and concluded at 4.45 pm in a consistent note.

The entire indoor stadium which has sitting capacity of two and a half thousands was packed with beneficiaries, security personnel, ASHAs, volunteers, health officials etc.

Speaking at the sidelines of the record attempt Union Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot said, the event will once again introduce Manipur and India to the world.

Never before such an event is organised in a grand scale anywhere in the world, he said adding the central Government has provided Rs 4.4 crore to Manipur for the event, he said.

The beneficiaries were given batteries along with the hearing equipments that will last for three years.

Stating that the Centre is planning to issue universal identity cards to all persons with disabilities in the country Gehlot promised Manipur government all help from the Centre for welfare programmes of these people.

Expressing his happiness at the record implantation Ibobi Singh gave the credit to all ASHA workers, nurses, doctors and officials of the state health department for the epoch making event.

He continued that in addition to the 4.4 crores provided by the centre the state Government spent extra Rs 2 crores on transportation and conducting camps etc.

The initiative itself speaks in volume the concern and priority of the state Government in developing the health sector, the Chief Minister said.

Manipur heath minister DK Korungthang said today was a proud day for the people of Manipur.

Even after the record attempts was officially over by 4.45 pm, the distribution of hearing aids continued.

According to the organising committee, the distribution of hearing device will continue until all the beneficiaries who have turned up in the indoor stadium as there is no dearth of devices with Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO).

The record attempt was to distribute 6000 hearing aids and today’s new record set by Manipur is expected to stay unbroken for a long time, said Hitesh Barot, Guinness world record team.

Hitest Barot told IFP that he was also part of the event management team in Gujarat.

He lauded the co-operation and dedication of various departments and stake of the Manipur who made the event a successful one.

Barot further disclosed that all the relevant documents and requirement have been sent to the Guiness Office London and that we are only waiting for the results.

Live event of the entire record attempt was fed to the Guinness office using 36 cameras besides broadcasting live to local channel.

Later in the late evening the organising committee reportedly met the Chief Minister to present certificate of the historic event.

The event is organised by the Programme for Prevention of and Control of Deafness, National Health Mission Manipur in collaboration with Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO) and Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.

Prior to the record attempt total of 6400 patients were identified after screening 12,000 individual during 49 camps organised across the state and the total cost of the hearing aid is estimated to be 6.50 crore.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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