Mao Churches urge UNC to give passage


efront-6__mao-churches-urgeSenapati, Nov 28 : Seeing the stranded trucks in hundreds near Mao Gate, the unfortunate incident of a truck loaded with goods being torched and the immense suffering and hardship inflicted on the common people due to the ongoing economic blockade, Mao Christians from all denominations have urged the United Naga Council to allow passage to the stranded vehicles.

In Christian spirit and in obedience to Lord Jesus Christ who preached ‘love our neighbors as ourselves’, Mao Christians from diferent denominations in one voice appealed to the UNC to giove passage to the stranded vehicles on humanitarian ground and Biblical grounds. The community shared the grief ‘for these kinds of activities which have no place in the sight of our God who commanded us to love even our enemies’.

Mao Christians said that since ‘Through His mercies and love for us, we have resolved to be merciful and live in harmony with everyone, not allow our land to be used to harm but to protect and safeguard for the good of everyone.’

The statement was appended by all Mao Christian denominations consisting of Mao Baptist Churches Association, Catholic leaders, Mao Revival Church Council.

Source: The Sangai Express


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