Road to bring Manipur Thailand closer


Thailand has a good diplomatic relation with India since the past 70 years and the Manipur Sangai Festival is a big opportunity to boost the relations further with the gateway of Asia, said Thailand minister counsellor (Commercial) Tharadol Thongruang today.

Thongruang who landed at the Tulihal Airport today to attend the Manipur Sangai festival was addressing media persons at the airport’s arrival terminal.

He further said that in the near future Manipur and Thailand will have road connectivity via Myanmar, which will soon be completed. He continued once this road connectivity is established, it will bring the two regions closer.

Thongruang said he is accompanying representatives of seven business companies from his country to participate in the festival.

He said his visit aims to promote business relationship between Thailand and Manipur as initiated by the Manipur Chamber of Commerce and Industries, MCCI.

While observing that Thailand has many products which will find willing markets in Manipur and its neighbouring states, he said his country has exporters who will be happy to extend their entrepreneurs in the state.

“This year is special for me,” Tharadol said.

He further invited the people to watch Sepak Takraw matches to be played between the Manipur team and Thailand team on November 26 and 27 as part of the festival.

Saying that the matches will be organised in the future too, to build on the relation between the youths of Manipur and Thailand, he further lauded the state chief secretary for his initiative in organising the match.

As in the previous editions of the festival, Thailand will have a Thai Pavilion opened as well as performers from the country will showcase their cultural dances during the festival.

MCCI general secretary Thokchom Buddhabir who received the Minister Counsellor (Commercial) Tharadol Thongruang at the Imphal airport said that the first Manipur-Thai business summit will be held at Hotel Classic Grande on November 26.

Urging the entrepreneurs of the state to attend the summit, he said the MCCI has about 60 members as of now.

He continued scholars from the Manipur University will also present papers during the summit.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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