Fire-brand boss


By Boboy Thangjam

The present context in Manipur, most of the bureaucrats are indulging making money Illegally by getting mixed up with ‘influence peddlers’ has become highly contagious and would come the“worsecase scenario”. They used to advocate the corrupt practices, indulged by the employees and the those who are not involved are “isolated from the mainstream of the office procedures”, it is outright autocratic administration and exerts ultra power. Those staff members who are giving “lip service, parrot passion to their boss”, and the credulous employees are treated as blue-eyed boys and placed in a coterie within the department. And, the Coterie staff members managed to customize the other staff members of the department to easy access the corrupt practices and thus rampant the glamorizing corruption openly. Some of the blue-eyed staff members are highly influenced by this glamorizing corruption, habituated in the corruptible office and even brazenly indulges ‘virtual extortion’ from a mere grade – IV employees who are living on the pittance of their pay, for maneuvering office procedures pertaining to finance related bills and it conspicuously shows their ‘corruptible predators’ attitude and become a robust corrupt practices, existing a separate entity in the Department, they are in the state of restlessness because of the plagued by jealousy and impenitent. They are all governed by the pseudo officers and the boss treated those employees who are not involved in the coterie as an underperformed, lame duck officials. The ‘blue-eyed staff members’ are working in tandem with their boss of the serious fraud office whereas the innocent staff members are remained as silent spectators in vile mood.

The blue-eyed staff members are highly influenced by the influence peddlers as well as fire-brand boss and very often they openly slandering the rival politicians, glamorizing “money-monger employees, corrupt practices, and fire-brand government servant racism”. Sometimes the boss indulges a Slanderous statement to malign the innocent staff member’s reputations and “Castigated them with inept remarks without any proper reasons,” the innocent staff members bound to say nothing as they did not like to interfere the present Scenario of the evolved autocratic administrative system and in the coterie of the department. The fire-brand boss used to create new regulations at regular interval of time and it has remained as ‘largely Symbolic’.

Further, the boss used to threaten the innocent staff members emanating “hyperbole” and “made a mountain out of a mole hill,” very often he used to throw lavish party, inviting friends, “influence peddlers” and more precisely “fire-Brand Officers” arranged the expenses donated by the “blue-eyed staff members,” where the boss indulges an act of “Sheer bravado”, & displaying expensive goods being a “Conspicuous Consumption”. However, everybody well aware that “their boss was not noted for his largesse”, and very often the boss had transgressed the“bounds of decency”. Furthermore, the boss has never allowed the innocent staff members to become niche in their duties and he willed himself not to feel empathy to those who are fully committed to their works in full dedication and adhered in “Cut and dried theory” without caring any reward or benefits, instead of giving morale booster to these innocent staff members, the fire-brand boss isolated them from the mainstream of normal office procedures and placed them to succumb their good prospects of “moral duty bound works implementation’. Sometimes their boss was very fussy about someone’s private life, despite his cynical attitudes towards other people’s situations and manifested unfair advantage to blue-eyed staff members. He took extra-care precautions for influence peddlers in the furtherance of his pecuniary gain. He indulges office politics and delivered his service “arbitrarily a ruthless manipulator” thus dismantled and disarray as well as disgruntled the employees of the department. He administered all the process “hand in glove with the influence peddlers” and it affects to the “moral propriety ground” on the innocent staff members and general public. Thus, the fire-brand boss’s autocratic administration simply rendered the whole staff into divisive and disarray and most of the staff members became as “easy tool” and “easy prey” for the “political predators,” causing complete destabilized of the Government machinery and the general public viewed this “appalled robust practice” with revulsion and deplorable way.

Everybody well aware that a massive Corrupt officials accepting bribes each and every office in Manipur, and a corrupt regime has been putting down roots in the entire Society, but unfortunately it seems as not a notifiable  crime, rather glamorizing Corruption by each and every section of people, at present corruption became a staple part of everyone’s day-to-day life. The root cause of these maladies are mainly due to ignorant of the basic Knowledge regarding what is the genesis of this menace, who are involved it? Who are the main responsible for it? , without sorting out the genesis of the root cause of this menace, how could remedies would come. This menace evolved everywhere rampantly, ninety five percent of the department involved this practice and those who are not involved are mainly due to isolated from the “Coterie of the department”. This kind of practice is reflected from the core image of the Society and how to describe this society – a polluted society!

Source: Imphal Free Press


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