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Keithel ladies call 24 hours Manipur bandh decrying killing of state police.

rally-1Perhaps for the first time in the history of conflict ridden state Manipur, vendor ladies of Kwairambandh Keithel Imphal today called 24 hour statewide bandh decrying the killing of state cops by militants. The Keithel ladies were always on the forefront to protect the rights of the common people of the state. This is the first time that the Keithel ladies came out against the terror activities of the rebel group in the state. Large number of Keithel ladies today came out at the street by shutting their vendors at the three Khwairambandh Keithel and gathered near the Bir Tikendrajit Flyover Bridge at around 1 pm here in Imphal. The Keithel lady numbering around 1000 then marched a protest rally carrying banner with slogans warning India Government against utilization of NSCN-IM to commit terrorist activities in the state. The protest rally snakes through the street of Imphal towards Western gate of Kangla then proceeded towards Rajbhavan and then to Keishampat. From Keishampat the rally proceeded towards Wahengbam leikai roads and later concluded at Samumakhong.

Speaking to media persons, the Keithel lady said that they are fed up of the numerous crime committed by the NSCN-IM in the state. Vice President of “Sinpham Amadi Saktam Kanba Ema Keithel”, Th. Mangi said that the joint body of the 4 Khwairabandh Keithel bodies had decided to call Manipur Bandh from 7 pm today till 7 pm tomorrow. She said state authorities should wipe out the NSCN-IM from the soil of the state and warned serious consequences if any group or authority had tried to distort the integrity of the state.

Today’s rally was jointly organized by “Ema Panthoibi Sana Keithel”, “Phouiobi Ema Keithel”, “Ema Leimarel Sidabi Keithel” and “Sindam Amadi Saktam Kanba Ema Keithel”.



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